Bat Rex Mono Amps with Wilson Maxx II

I am currently using BAT VK-600SE with BAT Rex Preamp with Wilson Maxx IIs. I am considering upgrading to either the BAT Rex mono amps or the VK-655SE and would like to know if anyone has experience with either of these combos or can recommend any other amps for my Wilsons. Thanks.
Hi I used to have Maxx 2's (then Maxx 3's) and used the Maxx 2's with BAT VK150SE's and the Ayre MXR's

Before the 150SE's I had a VK60 and then a VK200.

I think you're loose some bass control with the tube amps. You'll gain some midrange purity...better decays...better imaging...typical SS vs tube differences. The BAT upgrades I did (VK50SE to 51SE, VK60 to VK75SE to VK150SE) where always worth while upgrades. I doubt you'll be dissappointed.

You really can't go wrong with your isn't isn't wrong.

Honestly, I'd keep your BAT amps and try to upgrade to Maxx 3's. It's a significant step up. And if you buy used, shouldn't be a lot of money...
you can't go wrong with BAT/Wilson.

tube or SS is a personal choice- I prefer tube with your speakers efficiency, but some prefer SS and more bass.
There will be a trade off I had both the 600se and the 150se both were very good amps. With turntable the 150s just can't be touch, they just sound magical. But with the 600se you have some of the deepest bass that I have hear from any amp. That I have owe. At present I have the Krell 402e and that amp can't touch the 600se in regards to bass.
How would 600se compare to krell 402e in other aspects?
I'm curios as well...
I run BAT VK600SE into Wilson witt and the bass this combo puts out is truly staggering. I really feel you would sorely miss that deep bass control by going tube.

Its simple though, BAT and Wilson are a combo made in heaven.

Not much help in your particular quest but I have tried other amps with the Wilson's and not one has lit my fire like the big BAT does.