BAT Rex II VS Conrad Johnson ARTSA

I'm trying to upgrade my system. Currently have Cary 120sMKII with Cary SLP-05 preamp. I see a BAT RexII and CJ ARTsa on Agon for about half retail. I want to spend around 10k so wanted opinions on these two or other tube amps I should be looking at in that price range for top quality used tube amp that would be clear upgrade to my Cary.  Thanks 
Have read, not heard, some really good things about Raven Audio Silhouette amps. There is a used pair currently on Agon about to expire. I have looked at a lesser power amp from them for high efficiency speakers. Also, almost bought a pair of Coincident Dragons but the guy had sold them. The Dragon 11 seems to have the it factor.  I have been shopping amps for about a year and in the higher power range, maybe a little more than I need, and these two amps stood out. Good luck.


please keep me posted on which way you go (BAT vs. CJ)
Both of these pre-amps are state of the art currently.
Let me ask, are you planning to use w/ the Cary power amp?
Which cabling do you/are you planning to use as well?

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I was actually referring to replacing the Cary amp. I ended up buying the BAT Rex II. Should arrive later this week so will be putting the Cary up on Agon soon. I will try it with my slp-05. The CJ was sold but I was leaning to the BAT anyways. Limited reviews but I spoke to th staff at Balanced Audio and they said it should pair well with the slp-05. Technically, it seems incredible but I really like the 120s so I am hoping this will be a big upgrade. I bought a pair of Cullen cable xlr interconnects between the amp and preamp and have Hovland RCAs for the rest. Will use with a recntly purchased music hall mmf9.3 TT, EAR835 phono stage, and Schiit Yggy DAC. I also recently bought a Sonore Microrendu/sonic transporter housing Roon core for digital. Pretty amazing digital source.
Congratulations on your BAT Rex-2 amp!

I'm currently using the BAT Rex -2 preamp with the orginal series BAT Rex mono-block amps and the sound is captivating !!! Hope to upgrade to the series 2 version someday. 

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Man, you guys are lucky! I would love to demo the REX !
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You can't go wrong with BAT gear.. especially the Rex ii Best choice ever..

Going back to the original OP query-

the Cary SLP-05 is highly regarded. On the other hand, I have not read much about Cary power amps.

give us an update on your system?