BAT Rex and Lamm 1.2 with WP8 synergy

Has anyone experienced using BAT rex with lamm 1.2 connected to Wilson WP8. Concerned about input inpedence mismatch between BAT rex 100Kohm and LAmm 1.2 listed as 41Kohm.
I will be adding this to my system soon
The REX has a 200 Ohm output impedance and the Lamm M1.2 1 41,000 Ohm input impedance. This ratio (>20x) should be fine.
I think you meant 100 ohm output for Bat Rex not 100 kohms. 100 ohms into 41 kohms should be no problem.

No experience with Bat or Lamm. From looking at your system page it looks like you are going from the 32 to the Rex. If the Bat 32 worked well the Rex should work well also.
Thanks Classic Jazz and Sarcher30 for the reply. The only reason I was concerned because with my BAT32SE I had background hiss sound at moderate listning seating position (8ft)which used to appear and dissappear randomly at certain volume levels and I suspected mismatch in gain as one of the causes. Anyway once I hookup my Rex i will post on my Virtual system forum thread regarding its performance and synergy with my Lamm 1.2
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So I guess that BAT's solid state 250 and 600 amps in mono mold would not sound good with the REX due to both having input impedances at 50K ohms in mono. BAT should read Stereophile before designing and building their equipment.
According to BAT's website the input impedance of the amp should be no lower than 3000 ohms. You shouldn't have any problems with 41000 ohms.
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Why not just ask Victor Khomenko of BAT(he's the VK in their product names), he posts regularly on Audio Asylum in the Tubes and Amp/Preampss forums. He'll give a straight answer on this. Here is latest post two days ago
hooked up bat rex to lamm 1.2 absolutely perfect combo as far as audioquality and musicality is concerned. rex is one of the quietist preamp I have ever had.
thanks for all the responses
I am also using a BAT Rex, but with solid state amplifiers. People say you cannot get tube-like sound with solid state amps, but I beg to differ. Perhaps it is because of the overbuilt power supply on the Rex. The Rex adds the texture, depth, and note decay without overdoing it. The build quality is also a benchmark for tube equipment. I have not added aftermarket powercords yet, but I bet there will be much more clarity, transparency, and bass impact.
Avsource1, congrats! If you like what you hear now wait 2-3 months. Someday you will be sitting and listening thinking to yourself, "wow, my system sounds absolutely awesome."

I am using the REX with a Spectron MKII amp and totally satisfied but always looking for small improvements. I have ordered some Elrod Gold Statement power cords for my REX and BAT CD player. I will be posting my impressions in the future.
Bostonbean: Thanks for the compliments. I am sure your Rex is providing right amount of tube magic/warmth with Gallo ref 3.1 spectron /synergistic combo that you have. Best wishes and happy listening.