Bat preamp with ARC amp?

What is your opinion of running a VT100 or VT200 with a BAT VK50SE preamp? Currently I have a VK60 with Watt/Puppy 6's, transparent ref cables.

Or, I am better off sticking with BAT and getting a VK75SE?

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I don't know if you'd be "better off" using all BAT, but I use an ARC VT100 MkIII w/BAT VK30-SE and love the combo. The BAT replaced an ARC LS-15, and I personally like the
BAT better. Very user-friendly w/volume matching, input naming, etc. I also used Transparent Reference and Ultra XL cabling in this system, but have since changed it all out to Ensemble Dynaflux and Masterflux--big improvement w/my speakers, Genesis 500's.
I own the combo you are talking about. VK75SE and the VK50SE and I can tell you it is IMHO about as good as it gets. All the headroom you will need, and very transparent.It is a winning combination!!
itsalldark, you are a lucky bastard. i would sell a kidney to own those components. i have a vk-75 (non-se) with which i have demoed a vk-50 (also non-se). they were spectacular together. i can't imagine how good your combo sounds.

one question tho: what speakers are you driving? do you ever wish for more power? i have blown a couple of fuses from overdriving my vk-75 into small avalons....and i don't play my system as loud as you would think. when i grow up, i wanna monoblock a pair of 150's. mmm...