BAT pre + Pass amps? Output/Input sensitivity??

Hi, has anyone tried this combo? I have the Pass XA160. I curious if there are any issues with output/input sensitivity matching. I just auditioned another tube preamp and thought it sounded amazing but I had a serious issue with the gain. Even at 0 volume I was still hearing music from my speakers. Just a slight turn of the volume would produce very loud sound.

According to BAT, the VK-51Se has an output of 50vrms and a gain of 17db. The pass has a gain of 26db. Any thoughts on potential issues?
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I've the 51se x350.5 combo with X01 cdp and Avalon speakers. I play music at negative 18 to 25 db of attneuation in the preamp. It should be no problems with Usher speakers. There are many setting to display volume in the preamp. The manual should help.
works for me - still dialing it in but running a Bat VK-3i and a Pass Aleph 30 - plenty of control in both directions