BAT Pre-amp owner What PLC?

I am looking for a power line conditioner, like the ps audio but cannot handle the BAT VK-30SE due to its limit power, looking for a plc in the price range any suggestion will be appreciated.
PS-600 can handle the VK-30SE.
I would not recommend the PS Audio at all. As a BAT dealer, I have tried the PP 300 & 600 and they do not match well with the BAT preamp. We have been highly successful using the HYDRA. It is a great match.
I've tried a Cinepro powerpro 20 and a Shunyata Hydra. Both are good, the Hydra has a blacker background, better dynamics and detail (for twice the money used). FYI, I have a vk50se and I kept the Hydra.

Powercords can change it big to. I like the Fim Gold, Transparent Ref xl, and the Kimber palladian 10 the best.

Finally, dedicated 20amp circuits are a must. Big step up for the money IMO.
Is there anything else beside the hydra? I don't think I want to spend 2500 for a PLC. Thanks
And also I heard powersnakes company is stop making the hydra and there is something new coming out around September but I am not quiet sure.
I would check out the Audio Magic Stealth. Word has it that it is the best conditioner out there. I have owned the both the Hydra and PS Audio, I currently have the Sound Application CF-X, which is pretty expensive, but it is quite superior to either the Hydra or PS Audio units. The Stealth retails for only 1600.00. There was a review of it where they compared it to the Hydra and CF-X on
I have 2 BAT VK60's and VK5i connected to 2 PS Audio 600 and I loved.
If you go to the question and answer section of the BAT website you will see that Victor K. recommends against using a power conditioner or even seperate outlets with BAT equipment. Just a comment as I am just now in the process of purchasing a BAT pre-amp.