BAT phono card

Can anyone comment on sound of BAT phono card. Just bought a VK3i. line only and would like to listen to my old vinyl occassionally. For $500, would I do better with a used outboard phono stage like Black Cube? Any comments or suggestions helpful. Love the line stage, BTW.
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The BAT phono-card is better than you might think. You would have to spend a lot more than 500.00 to get better phono sound. I have the VK30 and think that the phono is great. Better phono improvements will best be spent on tables, cart., or arms. Jeff
I second Jandj on the phono card. I'm using it with the VK-30 also and it's really great. Using a Grado Reference Platinum with really nice results. Another idea is a BAT VK-P5 which I've seen here on Audiogon for less than $1k. But for the money the BAT card is a steal AND a convenient 1 box solution.