BAT or VAC tube Amps

What are peoples opinions. I'v heard great things about the Bat VK 60 Tube amp.
I have a VK60. Awesome amp. Very very open and natural midrange. Only 30 watts a side, but I have it driving a pair of Watt/Puppy 6's which is a difficult load. Sounds great to me. Can upgrade the amp to SE status or change to monoblocks if you want more power/dynamics...

XLR input only...must use adapters for single ended...
FYI - The BAT VK-60 is 60 watts per channel, not 30.

They have been replaced by the VK-75. A used VK-60 is a little above $2000. There have been a few revs so if you consider a used VK-60 you might want to check the rev.
I owned a VK-60. To me it was to thin sounding in the midrange and lacked deep bass power. I sold it and bought a VAC PA100/100. The VAC has great bass slam and a full harmonic midrange, the VAC also costs less new and gives you a real 105 watts per channel!! You can usually find a good to excellent condition one here on Audiogon from $2400-$2950.
Darrell: I know this is a little late, but what tube Amp. were You listening to?. I've found the Bat Vk-60 to have great bass slammmmmmmm, harmonics to crave, and etc, etc, for a tube amp, and for the money, one of the best out there ........Regardless of price!!!!!!!......J.C.