BAT or Primaluna

Hi All, I am thinking about getting an entry level autobiasing amp, a BAT VK-55 or a Primaluna. I know that there are many complicating factors such as room and associated equipment, but could anyone help out with which of these might be the better choice? I am hoping to get nonfatiguing highs and natural, "in the room" vocals without flabby bass. Thanks.

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I am a big Prima Luna fan, as I own both the P2 integrated and P5 power amplifiers. I believe that the Prima Lunas will give you all that you are looking for and more.

With the P2 I am using Acoustic Research 302 speakers, 3 ways with 10 inch woofers and the bass is right on, not flabby at all, and it does an excellent job of reproducing all the bass notes without boominess. With the P5, I am using Rega Ara monitors and I still get a nice level of bass out of them, as well. You will find that the Prima Lunas do a very pleasing job with the entire spectrum, not just bass. Overall, I was impressed with the 3D like sound I heard with vocalists as diverse as Sinatra, Dylan, and Domingo with the Prima Lunas.

There are plenty of reviews out there regarding the Prima Lunas in all their various incarnations. I would also suggest going with the P2 (as oppossed to P1) and P5 (as opposed to P4), as you will have additional options with the tubes that you can use.

regards, Rich
BAT is made in Delaware, Primaluna in China.

BAT certainly has the better reputation (it is one of the elite two-channel gear manufacturers).

All of that said, maybe the Primaluna sounds better. I rather doubt it, but anything is possible.

My general advice is to steer clear of Chinese two-channel gear, as it may be tough to get the same level of construction and warranty service that you would get with a better two-channel company in the U.S. The other issue is that some of the Chinese stuff is just plain junk -- you don't want too wind up with one those.

VAC, BAT, and Audio Research all make fine gear, and you are best off avoiding cheap wannabies
The BAT gear has established quite a reputation over the last few years, I would not look twice before buying the Bat over the PrimaLuna if I were you, but if i were you, and were talking to myself I certainly would not have any credibility... so you got me there...



IMHO, BAT is the way to go.. My VK60 has the outstanding tube character like silky smooth top and mid but also carry the solid state like tight and tuneful bass at the bottom.
I own Primaluna and Bat equipment. Bat is the way to go. The Prima is built like a tank and is a very nice pre amp.
I have a way to go before I can buy a Bat pre.

The Prima Luna, at a FRACTION of the BAT cost, equals it in build quality.

The PL-2 is truly SUPERB, I have owned it for the past 2 years.

I agree ... the PL-2 is Much prefered to the PL-1.

The Prima Luna uses Point to point wiring Thoroughout the Power Supply and the audio signal section ( Only the auto bias section is on a PCB.

The PL-2 sounds Far more detailed and less Tube like than the BAT....

I would not think twice ... PL-2

Very funny Nrchy, it's always good to see a little humor in these discussions. We're supposed to be having fun, right? Thanks to everyone for their opinions. Tom