BAT or Pass With My Sophia 2s?

A'goners - I'm considering a system reconfiguration with an upcoming move to a new residence. For those of you with experience with BAT and or Pass gear with Wilson speakers, please comment on your experience. While I'm very familiar with BAT gear, I am curious about the synergy of a Pass/Sophia2 combo. Also, please recommend the amp and pre in each line that you think would be the best match.

I think your Ayon Triton would be the best match. Have you gotten rid of it already? Wilsons really sound great with tubes. I think your move to BAT or Pass would be lateral at best.

I really enjoyed the BAT 75SE on them for a long time. I've owned a Pass amp (X250.5), but not when I had my Sophia1s. I think it would work fine, but I would prefer BAT sound with Wilson---a shade dark really works well with Wilson imo.

Pass on the Bat ............. LOL... !
I am using the X350 with WP8 (in secondary system) and am quite happy with it. Infact, the Pass does make for a mellow combination - while retaining the bass performance. Only experience with BAT was a pre-amp about 3-4 years ago (VK30?) and I was very UNHAPPY with the tubby sound - kind of flabby and lifeless. Since then, I have never looked at a BAT piece but my experience may have been an extreme outlier.
Keith - the Ayon is a keeper, and I was planning on using it in an upstairs listening room. The reason for considering solid state is that the equipment behind the Sophias will be going in a closet, and I'm concerned about the heat from a tube based amp. I know the big BAT amp (VK600-SE) runs hot, but not nearly as hot as my Triton.

Thanks for the comments so far - anyone else?
I have both: a pair of Pass XA 100.5 monoblocks and a VK-600SE.

My speakers are Wilson Sophia 2. Preamp varies between SS and tubes (I'm still searching...)

Both are great amps. The differences to my ears:

- Better midrange
- Thicker, more tube-like bass
- Warmer presentation overall, not much in the way of 'air', but highs are very smooth

- Bass is much tighter, less overhang
- Midrange and highs not as smooth as Pass
- Leaner presentation with much more air

At the moment I prefer the Bat, but both amps are great.
Meant to add that if you're going with a tube pre, the Bat would be the one I recommend.
Madfloyd - thanks for sharing your impressions. Thinking of going VK600SE and Rex preamp. Any experience on your end with the Rex?
Consider Madfloyd has not yet paired his Pass Labs XA-100.5 with a preamp that matches optimally (the preamps he used both have high output impedances that are too high for the Pass Labs amp). This is based on his comments in another thread.

So, take his recommendation here with a degree of caution.
From a thread discussing Pass Labs XA-30.5.

06-13-10: Madfloyd
I haven't had good experience driving the Pass with tube preamps. I've tried the Cary SLP-05 and the Audio Valve Eclipse and the low bass is rolled off. It's one of the reasons I got the Bat.

Both the Cary SLP-05 and Audio Valve Eclipse have output impedances that rise to 3400 ohms and 3090 ohms at 20Hz. Not good when matching with an amplifier having an input impedance of 20k ohms/30 k ohms (single ended/balanced) as does the Pass Labs XA-.5 series.

Match a tube preamp with a low output impedance (below 300 ohms, IMO), and you will have an excellent match with Pass Labs XA-.5 series amps.
What Tvad says is true. If you go with the Pass, you need to be careful to find a preamp (that you like) that has low output impedance.

I'm picky about preamps and I've gone through several in the last couple years.

I have no experience with any of the Bat preamps (although I'd like to try them).

I'll be auditioning a Joule over the next week.
I am very happy with my BAT VK-52SE tube preamp and BAT VK-600SE amp driving a pair of Wilson Sophia 2's. The bass is one tick less tight (but still very good) than when I had a SS preamp, but the midrange and treble is much better. Unfortunately, have not compared Pass gear, so not much help on that point. Good luck!