BAT or other Valve pre for PASS X-250

Hi there,
Wondered if anyone had tried using a BAT pre (Vk 3/5i)with any of the X series PASS.From my reading I understand there may be a mismatch due to the BATs (already high)impedance rising at low frequencies whilst the Pass has a fairly low input impedance.
I need a balanced valve pre to go with the X-250.
There are noise problems with the unbalanced input, I may need to drive long interconnects, I can't live without at least remote volume and definitely need valves as the Pass is way to solid state sounding for my tastes with a ss pre.
Changing the power amp is not an option at the moment.
Thanks in advance,
I use my Pass X250 with Cary SLP 308.Perfect.All the wiring are Straightwire Crescendo .Speaker cables:Kimber Bifocal Xl.I've found that X series like bright sounding speaker cables.Look for a cable matchup first.Take care.
I use an Audio Research LS25MkII with my Pass X250.5.
The pre has a remote.

For my tastes (primarily classical, instrumental and chamber), the synergy is fabulous.

The two pieces of gear are connected with a Chinchilla (XLR). Elsewhere in the same system I use Shunyata power cords & interconnects.
Hi Guys, Thanks for that.
I am using the Pass with a 20 year lod Musical Fidelity ss pre-amp which probably does not do it justice but find it far to solid state sounding compared to my Nu-Vista integrated which it was supposed to replace.
HMS Gran Finale speaker cables and a variety of i/c's but it's quite noisy on the phono inputs so I'd like to go balanced as I am moving my gear to another room and will need to use long i/c's.
I use an original Hydra with all Shunyata power cords and a dedicated ring main.
I.m also a bit miffed that I can't seem to use it with my REL sub due to none of the speaker outlets being grounded.
It works ok but I'm told it will eventually burn out the amp so no sub.
i've already had all sorts of problems with the Pass (in spite of it being checked and voltage converted at their factory)and beginning to wish I never shipped it over here.

What kind of problems are you having?
I just acquired a slightly used Cary SLP-2002 w/oil cap, NOS tubes & Kimber silver input wiring upgrades. Running all XLR it was a great improvement over my previous SS pre. I just sent it to Cary for the gain mod reduction ($125, not a tube chg mod). Can't wait to get it back & enjoy it in top form. If you are overseas I can feel your frustration...
Hi Overhang,
Got it last July and it gave a constant 'buzz' through my speakers (noticeable from about 15ft away at the listening position), after months of being told it was a grounding loop, which I knew was not the case (I tried it in three other peoples systems apart from my own-all of us are scrupulous about our mains supply), I gave it to an engineer.
When he told me he had screwed with the bias without a manual, I just dumped it in my garage.
Pass recommended an engineer at the other end of the u.k.who has 'almost' fixed it (at my expense).
He recommended replacing the op-amps which had been revised since my amp but had to take advice from Pass re the 'buzz'
It still gives a very slight buzz and I am told it is a problem with very long grounding tracks on the circuit board for the phono inputs - this can be tuned out.
Shame Pass could not have done this six months ago and saved me a lot of money and grief.
I'd love to say alls well that ends well but I'm singularly unimpressed by it. It does all the power, dynamics but subtlety, read ambience, harmonics etc don't seem to figure.
Tonally 'Bleached' would be my summation.
My Nu-Vista leaves it for dead with regard to creating something that sounds like real music.
Simon74,my amp does make a faint buzzing sound too,not thru the speakers though.I guess 86 db sensitivity plays a role in that too.the buzz is audible from a couple of meters.
but as far as the sound goes,mine sounds on the par with the old CJ designs:tubey and lush.I had a mismatch with speaker cables before,the sucker completely made it unlistenable with my beloved Straight wire Crescendo cables.
It took me some time to find a friendly cable and once i connected Kimber bifocal XL,everything came together.
Thanks for that, I will try it with other speaker cables but the HMS are IMO, very, very hard to beat.
I have some Kimber and Xindak I can try when I can sort out some spade connectors.
My speakers are Virgo 111's at 90dB and the noise is not really a problem now.
I will probably e-mail BAT direct and ask their opinion as I really fancy on of their pre-amps.