BAT or Lamm

I am thinking of changing my preamp, I have a Mcintosh c42 and am thinking of a Lamm L1 or a BAT VK50. I already have a piece of BAT, VKP-5 phono stage, my amp is a Mcintosh mc352 speakers are JM lab mezzo utopia`s. I am moving out of a solid state system into tubes, but can only do it a peice at a time so I thought I would do the preamp first.Any thoughts? David
Some BAT models you can get a remote, I don't think that is an option on the Lamm. Also some of the Lamm models have discrete channels including seperate left and right volume knobs.

For some people this is the deciding factor.
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 has both sound and remote.
I think Lamm's Philos is that Remote cisuits will add unwanted RFI\EMI which would defeat it's sonic attributes. I tend to agree. The purist in me I guess!
The bat phono and pre are good matches. Plus both have balanced in's and out's which will marginally help some. Retube the p5 phono stage, especially the 6922's. It will make a huge difference. The Lamm is good, but the bat might match better for you...

FYI, the 50se is better than the 50. Also can update to the new 51se as well. good luck...

That is why I have a Placette Active Preamp, because it turns off the power to the remote after each adjustment to prevent interference... and it can't say enough good things about how percise the volume is... I can get that little 2% more, that I could never dial in with my Audible Illusions or any preamp for that matter.

This was one of the biggest improvement to my audio system which is not posted up yet.. but soon since I want it to actually have pictures like my video system.
Jfrech Im on the same page as you I already thought about the xlr imput and outputs I also have a SCD-1 which also has either xlr or single ended it has been pluged into single ended because the c42 only has 1 xlr input which is being used for the vkp-5. The vk50 or vk50se would solve that problem, but back to the issue of the lamm is it a better linestage than the BAT. Buy the way I am planning on retubing the vkp-5 just haven`t got to it yet. David
Did you ever change?

I was just wondering what you may have changed to, and your impressions.

I am auditioning a C41 right now, and I LOVE it. I am coming OUT of a sweet tube pre-amp. I was wondering if one of the other pres you mentioned did it for you better than the 42 . .


The SCD-1 is not truly balanced, so run single ended...