bat or c-j

need help and opinions on choice between bat 50 se and c-j 16 preamps. also have looked at an c-j Art II.PLease give me your experience on these. Will be used with a CJ P 11a and P12 mono amps.
Many thanks!!
The newer bat gear is a little more nuetral sounding than in the past. If this is what you're looking for, then yes. Also, the BAT is balanced where the CJ is not. The BAT will perform slightly better usually with balanced interconnects.

In the's best to try them. Both are good, what you like depends on your ears and the rest of the setup and cables.

good luck
Since you have narrowed it down this far, the best thing for you to do is to try to audition them and decide for yourself.
CJ 16 series 2 is a sleeper. Listen to it!
I agree about the CJ16LS2 - great unit. Smooth and non-fatiguing, without giving up detail and transparency. Seems well built, and the remote is a joy to hold -- feels like a quality piece. Love the tube glow without the tube guard in place!
I just wandered through the midst of the same decision, and discovered the Sonic Frontiers Line 3. All three are good, but I wanted dual XLR outputs. That ruled out CJ. Then it was just a money game: $4000 for a 50SE or $2k for a Line 3. I took the money I saved and bought a new vinyl rig...