BAT NOS Super Tubes

Has anyone with BAT equipment compared the 6H30-S BAT NOS Super Tubes to the standard 6H30-N new production tubes? The BAT NOS tubes cost $300 (these tubes are no longer made hence the price) a pop, maybe more now, and I am wondering how these tubes effect sound in comparison to the standard 6H30 production tubes. Thanks
Are you referring specifically to the stock held by Victor, or generalities about the Reflektor NOS 6H30DR tubes circa 1970-80s? I am unclear as to whether these are same or different.
Hello Bostonbean,

The way I hear it is the BAT NOS tubes are more dynamic linear so dynamic shading is more nuanced and energetic. I also hear a more textured tonal palette with the BAT 6h30's.

That being said the new production 6h30 has got quite a bit better over the years and IMO their sound has improved nicely.

Only you can decide for yourself if it's worth the extra $$$ to go for BAT NOS tubes. The right answer for you will be a different one than it will be for someone else.

There is quite a bit of discussion on the topic if you do a search here on A'gon and Audio Asylum.

Yes, I am referring to the NOS tubes held by Victor.

Thanks, Tom. I followed your suggestion and looked at the other threads. Will probably stick with the new production tubes that BAT issues with their equipment.
BB, I've done extensive critical listening to the NOS 6H30DR tubes, and they do impact the sound in a significant manner in my system. As additional pairs are added to the power module, there is increased dynamics, resolution, and frequency extension. I would almost describe a more 'powerful' sound.

However, in my system, there is a downside. With all 4 pair, the music is less cohesive and parts of the frequency spectrum begin to stand-out. When this happens, I think, "This is a recording", and the illusion is gone. Removing the tubes and going back to Sovtek, I notice a smoother and more even sound.

I have found a happy middle ground with 1-2 pair of NOS in the power module. I have some increased dynamics and treble extension, but do not lose sight of the big picture. I have had negative results with the 6H30DR in the switched position within the main unit - I clearly prefer the Sovtek new tubes there. Likewise, I prefered the Sovtek 6C45 compared to a NOS version.

I think your appreciation and the number of pair will depend on your system and musical tastes. If you like jazz, pop, and rock, then it would not surprise me if you preferred all 4 pair to be NOS. For classical music, 1-2 pair may be enough. So, I think you should buy 2 pair to try as a start, and take it from there.

In addition, I could recommend the EAT Tube Dampers x16 (they won't fit on the GZ34/5AR4s. They create a more solid and full sound, and do not make the sound dull or overly damped at all. Also, do replace the fuses with Hifi or Furutech, and apply Quicksilver Gold to the fuses and cold connections (extremely sparingly).
I just wanted to add that in my experience I've found the 6H30DR's contribution to the sound is much more pronounced in the BAT preamp(s) then in their amps.
Thanks guys. I will have to do some experimenting.
Rtn1, do you mean 16 of these?
Madfloyd, those are the ones. Elusive Disc is 20% less on the EAT tube dampers. Not sure if Musicdirect will match the price for a good quantity.
Thanks, Rtn1, I just ordered 8 of them (to start) from Elusive Disc. Btw, I received my NOS tubes today (from Eugene).
Madfloyd, Do post your impressions. I think if there is not adequate bass, you have ruled-out the amp and preamp.

I've been going back-and-forth between 1 pair NOS and 2 pair NOS. I think my system is now synergizing with 2 pair, and I will probably add back the 3rd pair to see how that goes. I noticed an immediate difference in bass definition going from the 1st to 2nd pair. I thought there was too much bass for my system with all 4 pairs, but may need to listen again in light of some other changes.
Tried them last night - all 4 pairs. Lots of harmonics flying around the room. :-)

I agree that it might be a bit much with 4 pairs. So much sparkle on piano notes that it obscures the base texture of the instrument. Sonic candy if you will.

I will try tonight with less pairs (and some tube dampers which I just received from Elusive Disc).

I have no issues with bass with the REX; I think it's one of its strengths. Great preamp.
I just got 4 and put into my 32se big difference is there a break in period?