BAT line stage and amp users: What power cords?

Wondering what power cords BAT users have found to work well. Yes, I know I need to try them, but I'd like to limit the contenders to around a dozen or so LOL!! system is BAT VK51SE, BAT VK75SE, Esoteric X-01, SME 30/2, SME V, Aesthetix IO, Dynavector XV-1S, and Verity Parisfal Encore's
I have a similar setup (Wadia, VK-P10SE, VK-51SE, VK-75SE and Tannoys) and I use all Van den Hul cabling including their Mainstream powercords. They are affordable, clean, uncolored. I've tried other's (Shunyata, Nordost, Cardas) and prefered the Van den Hul.

Good luck in your search for audio nirvana
shunyata or audience.. both work well, the audience gets the nod for biggest bang for the buck..
Hello Cte,

I own the 51se and the 150se mono-block amps. I recently put the Valhalla power cords on them and the improvement went well beyond what I've heard from other power cords.

It made a dramatic improvement that IMO was profound! If you would like to know more of the details please feel free to send an email. Good luck in your search.

Unless BAT has changed their website faq's, they will tell you to run a dedicated line & won't suggest anything else powerwise. If you read Absolute Sound the latest issue has an interesting interview with Victor K., he talks a bit about his philosophy of building a sound power supply that is well filtered. Good Luck!
Hi Chris! How's that Esoteric ?

On my BAT equipment I've used Shunyata Viper, FIM Gold, Kimber Palladian 10, and Trans Powerlink XL Ref. The Purist Dominus fluid gave me the best of everything. The Kimbers are very close 2nd...just a little less warm and real in the mids. The Trans actually nails the mids...but looses on the extremes.

So Purist have won out for me. I have 3 Pursit Fluid Dominus on the BAT phone, pre, and amp. I use the Transparent on my SME motor controller. WOW. A kimber Pallian is on my Esoteric DV 50. Just a matter of time before I convert these to Purist as well....
jeff jones:

What issue and what page? I missed that...Thanks!
Hi Cte,

I have a VK-51SE and VK-600SE driving my Parsifal Encore's.
I second Tom's Nordost Valhalla recommendation. The added speed really does work well with the Parsifal's. That's what I have on my 51SE. My 600SE requires two power cords, and I couldn't afford to try two more Valhalla's, but I've found that a pair of Virtual Dynamics Master's have fit in very well. The Master's aren't as quick as the Valhalla, but have a fuller sound.

I'm so happy with the sound right now, that I'm afraid to go with all Master's or Valhalla's. I think with all Valhalla's it may sound a little too thin and with all Master's it may sound too slow. The balance seems just right with the Parsifal's. As always, YMMV.

Jfrech - Feb 06 page 86.