Were any new products released? I have not seen any photos online and was wondering if anyone had seen them in person.


I think they had VK-55SE, REX preamp, paired with, I want to say Wilson Audio Sophia 3, or Sasha??? Too many shows lately, all memories are mixed -up.
No, I lied- they had a new replacement for VK-600 SE amp., I forgot the model designation.
Did they show the new REX power amp?
Not this time. They did at the last year CES.
so no DAC or new integrated or something?

Here's the BAT room at CES.
They debuted their new phono cartridges. They have two different models. The sound in their room on the first day of the show was a little bit edgey. That seemed to go away over the next few days.
I heard The Soundsmith collaborated with BAT on the phono cartridge and it is a moving iron. Can anyone confirm this?
That's true about The Soundsmith. I don't know if they just showed their own carts, or if it was a collaborative effort.