I was wondering if anyone had seen what new products they are releasing.

Have looked at all the CES coverage and haven't seen any pictures or comments.


Keith ,
I did hear the new amps- they are called Rex.
They look almost identical to 75 SEs, but according to Jeoff Poor,
represent a complete redesign, with the corresponding improvement
in SQ.
The fuses in the bottom of the chassis have been replaced by an electronic circuit, new caps, and some other changes.
They were paired with Rex preamp, 10 Se phono and Wilson Sasha
I found the sound outstanding.
Maril555 - Did you ask about cost and the ability to upgrade from the 75SE to the REX? Thanks.
thanks maril555---i've heard the same thing. one person with great ears said best of show.

i don't think an upgrade is in the works as it is a completely new circuit.

the amps retail for 15k from what Victor emailed me today.
That's right, I forgot to mention it- $15K, no upgrade path.

BAT has a new tube amp, monoblock - I presume...well, now that I think about it - at $15k it must be a stereo amp! I had no idea...thanks for the report. I have 4 150SE's and no upgrade path - damn!! Anyway, the idea that the 75SE/150SE design/circuit has been stable for a substantial time is actually a source of comfort and confidence for me, i.e. no upgrade of the week as it were.


Thanks for initiating the thread :-)

It's $15K for either stereo amp or one monoblock. Output now is 80/160 Wt.
$30K for the pair of monoblocks. Yikes!!
The recession must be over.
anybody have any pictures? Very surprised that there was no mention of BAT in any of the show reports from Stereophile, AVguide, Dagogo, TAB, Soundstage,, etc.
found some pictures on Audiogon!

Looks like one amp has an optional grey/silver finish There also appears to be a VK-255 amplifier with a grey or silver top plate. I assume this is an update to VK-255...anybody else with any info?

Thanks for the's hard to tell that those amps are "Rex" - no identifying marks.

Maril555 - how would you describe the sound of this system?

At CES the REX monoblocks were very transparent, fast, and linear top-to-bottom, with improved frequency extension and bass control. REX has none of the slowness and over-ripe plushness and toobie sweetness of the -SE version. I have heard Shashas in a half dozen systems-- they never sounded as good as with REX.

The chassis aesthetics are very similar to -SE except for better finished two-tone metal and St. Louis arched grip bar at the back.
Dgarretson described it very well- REX had a great control
over Sashas, very easy and relaxed presentation, not "tubey", great resolution and details. Very musical and engaging.
In another room Sasha were playing with Lamm M 2.1 monoblocks, and I liked BAT better
As a BAT owner, this is a bummer,sounds great but not great looking.Please Victor, can we leave Sputnik in the past and create a slick looking tube amp?? Rehash for 30k is just insulting.
:) I have to agree that we are not known for cosmetic extravaganza, but so far the reaction from people who have seen them live has been very positive - they look better in flesh than in snapshots. A bit too conservative? Perhaps. But today one has to make tough choices and while looks are important, they should not steal from the stuff that's inside.

Inside you have a very substantial redesign, and as some posts here indicate - the result is rewarding. Needless to say, achieving sizable improvements to sound of already fine amplifiers is not trivial.

Regarding the price... boy, do I wish we could bring such amps to the market for much lower price! But there are realities. The VK-150SE amps are priced today at $9000, and have been for most of their lives. However, their production cost has nearly doubled in almost ten years since their introduction. If they were designed today, they would have to be priced substantially higher in order to maintain any reasonable profit margin.

Happy listening!

Victor Khomenko
Congratulations Victor! Can't wait to hear music with these amps in my system. Someday it will happen .. until then it's nice to dream.

Victor, we all recognize costs as a driver in todays world, but creating until implemented is always free with the exception of time..People will always pay more for something that looks great(i.e. Boulder,looks better than it sounds) I will assume if you spent a little time on appearance it would go along way on your companies future. To me, you sort of were in the right direction with the Rex pre(which I love). The Rex amps should have be special and fresh.Nobody wants to drive an ugly Ferrari no matter how fast it can go.Sorry Chipmunk, I will stick by my previous comments.
Believe me, I wasn't expecting to change your opinion with just a few words... :) who knows, perhaps you will alter it after seeing and hearing them first hand. You made an interesting comment on REX preamp though... for in reality the RexPower departs in terms of its style far, far further from the VK-150SE, than the REX did from the VK-51SE.

But we of course value every input!
Victor, I have enjoyed your participation on Audio Asylum and nice to see you posting here. Thanks for the information. Can you comment on any new BAT products? It looks like there is a new VK-255 power amp with slightly different cosmetics? Huge BAT fan here with VK-D5SE superpak, VK-P10SE Superpak, VK-52SE, VK-600SE and VK-6200! Still waiting for a universal player and/or surround processor!
jeez louise bstefano, the look is at least timeless in the manner of Lamm and other top tube equipment. If you must have industrial design, then go SS with JRDG or Krell. Fact is this was one of the top sounds at CES/THE Show.
Thanks Dgarretson and Maril555 for the observations regarding the sonic traits of RexPower.

Victor - would you be available to characterize the sonic attributes of RexPower and compare them to the 150 SE's?

Sdrenslow, I'm with you:

51SE and D5SE (via Guy/AudiogoN)
75SE (via Ilia/AudiogoN)
150SE's (via Glenn Poor's AV/AudiogoN)
Rex pre (via Bobby/AudiogoN)
150SE's - another pair to drive MegaLines (via Ric/AudiogoN)


"Fact is this was one of the top sounds at CES/THE Show."

That's a terrific statement, particularly since you have experience modifying BAT amps!

Happy New Year to BAT and all,

p.s. Bobby, be careful with those Ferrari references – lol.
Dgarretson ,timeless is cool. but again with the same timeless look? It is just tired looking. Why have to settle for SS? From what we are reading, it sounds like the new Rex amps sound killer. My friend who is a BAT dealer confirmed this as well from CES. For me, design is a big issue. glowing tubes is a it neat look but I have waited for a redesign which I thought would be more stream lined.30K? It did not come. Oh well,I will have to go for the great sound. I just think new should be new. Ferrai 599 all the way C1!Thanks for the photos Sdrenslow!!
To me the main difference in sound between the RexPower and the VK-150SE's is the more free sound. I usually try not to make too many subjective statements, letting the customers speak instead, but in a few words it is a more dynamic and powerful sound that doesn't seem to lose any finesse.

Regarding the new VK-255SE - the main change is in the power supply area.

And since someone mentioned the cars and styles - hey, give me the E39 any day over the Bangle job! :)
Victor, I am currious to know if there is a successor for the VK-600 SE ?
No replacement for the VK-600SE at this point.
In Rosso Corsa, Bobby - Forza Ferrari :-)

VK - thanks for the very intriguing description of RexPower! I'm curious...what's a "Bangle job"? Just kidding...didn't know you were a BMW guy...M5's are nice.

Here's to a good weekend, everyone!
Victor, when can we expect an update of your website wih the new products ?
Victor - Where does the name "Chipmunk" come from?
Chipmunk - long story plus a mistake! OTOH - why not? :) No connection to the movie... :) Some preliminary info will be on the website soon, problem is the guy who does it is very sick at the moment.
Victor - Our best to him for a speedy recovery. YOU stay healthy, do you hear!! We are blessed to have you and your products. Thanks for your support.
New info up on BAT REX Poweramp at
Thanks, Scott...I'll check it out :-)

Okay, what would be the cost of 4 RexPower's?!!
Are they coming out with a new integrated amp to replace the old series?
One stereo REX (or one monoblock) is $15000.
Oh, boy...I'd love to hear 'em. Thanks Maril :-)