BAT, ARC, VAC, Shindo?

Current system is VAC Avatar Super (80W KT88) driving Devore Silverbacks in a combo 2 channel HT rig. Sounds great with good bass and soundstage. In the never ending quest for improvement and I am wondering about seperates or another integrated. I've been researching Shindo (no remote or pass thru), ARC LS26/VS55, BAT pre?/VK55SE, or VAC Phi Beta Integrated. Anything else to consider in this league?
I am doubtful you will find anything better. Different for sure.

My money's on you regretting making a change, if you make one.

Just for kicks, you might research the Juicy Music Peach preamp. I took delivery of a used one today. Cost under $800. Boy, it's silly good. Mated with a pair of reasonably priced tube monoblocks, the combo with the Silverbacks could be killer.

But...not necessarily better than what you have. Only different.
ARC is always a good choice because you can always get it serviced or upgraded as you move into the future. VAC and BAT has simlilar reputations, but have not been in business nearly as long and have not had to weather as many storms. It will be interesting to see how many High End companies fold if the recession drags out.
I went from the VAC Avatar SE to Auricle MB70s. I use a Rowland Capri with the MB70s. I have to say I prefer the MB70s/Capri combo but as Tvad said its a different sound, not necessarily better.

If you like the VAC sound and your Super has HT bypass you might want to pick up a VAC preamp. You can run it through the Super's HT bypass to see how they sound together. If you like it you may want to seek out some VAC KT-88 monoblocks.
Room size and listening habbits might be helpful. There are endless possibilities with the Silverbacks.

BTW... Check out wrp's system called "2 Channel + Home Theater + Multi-Zone" for the possibilites with integrating Shindo and hometheater (w a pair of Silverbacks).

I have never heard these combinations (so take this for what it's worth) but my suspicion is that the Bat and Arc pairing with the Silverback is that it might be a little on the dry side.

There is a Silverback dealer in Atlanta (Steve at Playhouse Audio- 404-373-4279) that uses a BAT pre and a SS amp as his referance. Might be worth contacting.

As Lokie points out, I'm running the Silverbacks with Shindo preamp/amps (Giscours/Sinhonia monos) for the 2 channel portion of my system.

The Shindo preamps do not have a remote or HT bypass. That said, setting the volume control to the 12 o'clock position gives you unity gain which is equivalent to HT bypass.

FYI, Shindo preamps can be fitted with an HT bypass switch for additional cost.

Most importantly, I'm very happy with both 2 channel and HT performance from my system. I spent 2 days at RMAF this year and was never bitten by the upgrade "bug"!
Thanks for your responses.

TVAD - you may be right as I do really like the VAC integrated now. I have no idea why I'm looking - some sort of genetic issue I guess.

WRP - my main concern with the Shindo besides the remote is having enough power, it looks like you are in the sweet spot w 40W but it has been suggested that I would be fine with 25W.

Lokie - My listening room is pretty small, 25X17 and I listen to almost everything except classical (sometimes but not often)and I like to push the SPL. Think of that awesome kick drum on Smashing Pumpkins' Zero.
Do you have a sub? A good sub might be fun to try. You could take a little load off the VAC and give it a little more headroom for those high spl nights.

My previous amp was the 10W/Ch Shindo Cortese which had no problem driving the Silverbacks in a 25X15 space opening to the kitchen and a hallway. I have the attenuators on the Sinhonias set at 12 O'clock (1/2 power) and have no issues with SPL for 2 channel or HT.

If you're concerned about power, I suggest taking a look at Shindo's new high power (80W) Corton-Charlemagne mono amps. Lashing the Cortons to your 90db efficient Silverbacks should cure any SPL worries ;-)


What's the price on the Corton-Charlamagne's? From the name I would guess the price of an old Porche. I think I remember reading somewhere that DeVore said his favorite Shindo amp was the Cortese.
Lokie, I do have a sub for HT but there is no need for it as far as 2 channel goes - The silverbacks and the VAC can gut it out without a problem on the SPL. I am more concerned dropping from 80W down to 25W if there will still be enough drive. Everyone I talk to tells me that that will not be an issue.
I believe the Corton Charlamange list at $14K for the pair. FWIW, I'm powering my 90dB Super 8s with a puny 15 wpc Montille and I get plenty of spls.