BAT amps solid state vs tube, sound much different

Comparing their solid state against their tube amps how much of a difference in sound is there?

Considerable. At least there was a considerable diff from the VK500 vs. VK60 or such was my exp with those two amps.
I prefered the SS over the tube amp. I felt the tone of each amp's role was actually reversed IMO. The SS amp was silky smooth, yet robust and dynamic. Extended and quick. the VK60 tube amp had more air and was thinner up top with far less bottom end. Both were played on vSA vr4 JRs... and I own tube amps now. Apart form the output tubes all tubes were NOS RCA & Tungsol.

Of the two I'd have no trouble owning another VK500 w/BAT pk. Run xlr or with rca adapters... that amp sounded great IMO. Sometimes ya don't know what ya got till it is gone.

CAn't speak to the current models. Sorry. Good luck.
Hi, So I've owned a VK200, VK 60, vk75SE and 150SE's over the years.

I'd say jims comments with the VK 60 vs SS were right. I actually like the midrange glory of the vk60 over the vk200, but that's just a system matching/taste thing not a differing opinion.

The 75SE dramatically adds extension and weight and makes this a tougher choice with current models. Also seriously drops the noise floor over the vk60, it's much more ss like but keeping the tube warmth in mids.

Also, the SS amps sound best left on, takes a few days to get the best sound. Of course tubes do fail. So pick your choice here

In the end, I think the 75SE will yeild more midrange magic. Room size, speakers, cables, your tastes are really the things to consider also here.

BAT makes good amps.

Sorry I left out the mid range bit... but agree with John there. My 500 did take a while to get up to speed, but a couple 2 or 3 hours or so seemed enough. As hot as the 500 could get and that was in my 10x12 office, plenty warm, the vk60 was Far, far hotter.... and the power switch was in the back of the amp.

BAT products are indeed very very good. The mids to me, seem to be a strength across the realm.

Good luck.
I agree with the above posts. My VK200 sounded very good and I kept it longer than any ss amp. I then tried a VK55 and fell in love with it. It didn't have the bottom end slam the 200 did but the midrange and topend extension was to die for IMO.