BAT 55se vs Pass xa30.5 vs mac mc275

In a room 16X20 driving Von Schweikets with a rating of 94 and no loud listening. (db 70-80 at 13 feet). Mostly classical, jazz, vocal Almost no rock.

Any thoughts? Auditioning is difficult for me but from what I can tell they are all good performers at this pricepoint.
What model VS speakers?

Impedance specifications may be pertinent to your amp choice.

All three are excellent.
von schweikert vr=5 6ohms average Sensitivity 94
I heard a better BAT amp on Maxx 2 and Mac tube on Stradivari and really like them. This was just however a one-time listening for each. I too would be interested if somebody who is more experienced with these 2 amp and the Pass XA30.5 to break down the differences.
Well, based on the specs of the speakers, any of your amplifier choices would work well, IMO. If I had to choose one based solely on the belief that it would be a guaranteed match, I'd select the XA-30.5. However, this isn't going to be my recommendation for you.

I'm a Pass Labs owner, and in the past I owned Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE speakers driven by VAC tube amplification and by Moscode amplification.

I haven't heard the BAT or McIntosh amps.

Based on the reputation, reviews, power specs, and my gut...I'd probably try the MC275 first. Von Schweikert speakers sound great with tubes, and the MC275 provides a decent amount of power for these particular speakers considering their specs, and your room size and listening volumes. I believe the extra power over the XA-30.5 might prove beneficial.

I also highly recommend the Moscode amps with Von Schweikert speakers. I owned a 401HR. Based on your list of possibilities, a Moscode appears to be within your budget.

FWIW, Pass Labs can be auditioned through Reno HiFi, but doing so will cost you shipping and a restocking fee (10% as I recall) if you return the amp.
To avoid wrong impression, I really should add that I own the Pass XA60.5 which is the next model up. Anybody looks through what I commented about Class A amplifier design knows that I think the world of Pass XA.5 series. It's just that BAT and Mac are very good too. There lies the curiosity.
Thanks. I will try audition them all.