BAT 50SE Vs. McIntosh C200 Preamp

I currently own the McIntosh C200 Preamp. I'm considering replacing it with the BAT 50SE (I heard great things about this preamp and decided to demo the it last weekend). I'm curious what other opinions are about both preamps. Has anyone else made a comparison?

The rest of my system is listed below. Any suggestions are welcome.

McIntosh C200 Preamp
McIntosh MC1201 monoblock amps
Wadia 850 CD
Krell HTS 7.1 HT Processor
Shunyata Hydra Power Conditioner
Acoustic Zen Gargantua Power Cords
Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects / Speaker
B&W Nautilus 802, 805 and HTM1 Speakers
Dennon DVD
You might try comparing the new Mac C-2200 tube preamp with the BAT. The C-2200 is a very different animal from other Mac preamps, and most other preamps in general.
Hi Supermighty,

I have never heard the Mcintosh tube preamps, but I do own a VK-50SE. The biggest caveat about this BAT preamp is that it does not exhibit an overly tubed sound. So those looking for that kind of sound might be disappointed. Curiously, many professional reviewers have said that the BAT Special Edition tube preamps are unlike typical tube preamps. It does not color the midrange nor roll off the highs. To my ears, the VK-50SE has a robust sound with excellent bass, nice combination of clarity and transparency without any harshness in the mids and highs. Overall, it is very dynamic with an authoritative presentation and 3D soundstage. I believe the VK-50SE combines the best qualities of SS with those of tubes. If you are looking for more tube-like sound in a BAT pre-amp, I would suggest you consider a VK-5i or VK-50. Both are available on the used market and allow you the option of rolling tubes to tailor the sound to your liking.

Please email me if you have any questions.
I agree with Meri5862. I also own the 50se and
am very happy with this amp. Much more dynamic than the
VK 30 I had before.