BAT 31SE vs. 51SE


Just wondering if anyone has done head-to-head comparisons. I have a 300SE integrated, and have just purchased a 75SE. Looking to get a BAT preamp soon (or if something better, let me know) and was wondering if it's really worth it to go for the big guy.

Your advice is most appreciated!
I had a 31se on loan while my 50 se got updated to a 51se. The 51se has more extension on top and bottom, more weight and liquidity in the middle, better detail and is more quiet. More refined. 31se is no slouch, it's pretty good, just th 51se is worth the extra cash.

The 31SE was better imo than the 50SE.

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Hello Keith,

I think Jfrech pretty much nailed it. I also agree that on a whole I would take the 31se over the 50se. IMO the 51se is worth the extra $$$. Good luck!

The 31SE was better imo than the 50SE.

Interesting. I must see about getting my 50SE upgraded.

i upgraded my 50 se recently to 51 and couldnt believe the difference right out of the box. the slight veil seemed to have been lifted. more punch, more detailed highs. wonder if it will get even better with more listening time. but even if it doesnt, im more than pleased right now. whats everyone using on the 51 as far as powercord?
Metralla, the 51se is a monster update to your 50SE. It shocked me quite frankly. Clearly'll think your 50SE is broke almost...
I had a 51SE and Tom Evans Groove phono. I upgraded to the Steelhead hoping that I would not need my pre-amp (Steelhead has a volume control and 1 line input). The Steelhead sounded appreciably better going straight into my amp vs going to the 51SE. No loss in dynamics and nice gains in purity and transparency.
Eldo1968, wait about 2-3 weeks on your 51se. It will seriously open up. BIG. Leave it on with music going through it. About once a week...power it down fully-NOT standby...want a few hours or overnight. Something speeds breakin at full powerdown and discharge of the caps. After breakin, it's almost like listening to something different than what you have right now.

I've used a Kimber Palladian pk10, Trans Ref XL, Fim Gold. So far the Kimber is best for me. Purist Dominus or Opis is next. Given how much the Purist has done for me on the interconect side...I think I'll love it as a power cord ...
In any case you will not be dissapointed with either VK-31SE or VK-51SE.
The performance of the VK-51SE is in one word tremendous.
The run in period has taken longer than i thought, still better marginally with every month of listening.
I too discovered that power up and down is the best way to get them loosen up. long term burn in is mandatory with BAT.
After some 20 years of audiophile career with great preamps owned and listened too, my VK-51SE and VK-P10SE Superpack leaves nothing too desire.
The BAT's have great performance with pure silver cables, i use Kondo KSL throughout my gear even AC cables. very recommended.
VK-75SE is on it's way !
Well, seems like there is a consensus on the 51SE.

I was afraid of that. Guess I'll have to save a few more pennies!

And yes, before the integrated I too had a 31SE that I found superior to the 50SE.