is it a good preamp?
free of grain? natural?
sami bey diger aletleriniz neler?
I bought my BATVK30 preamp used here on AudioGon, having never heard or even seen one. Very much out of character for me, but I got so many glowing recommendations from the folks that frequent this site I took the plunge. Quite simply, it's the best preamp I've ever owned and will NEVER leave my system. I was so impressed with BAT, I then acquired a BATVK500 amplifier here as well. BAT gear is terrific stuff. I sincerely doubt you'll be disappointed. Jeff
Awesome preamp. In an A/B comparision it walked all over my $4000 pass labs preamp. This was when used with an ARC vt100m2 tube amp. The pass pre was a little better when matched with it's own aleph 2 amps. With tube amps, I think the BAT preamps are significantly better than anything I've heard.
I bought a BAT VK30 from this site in April of last year - I bought the BAT to replace my CJ Premier 14 - I will never look back - I retubed with NOS and I couldn't be happier - the quality of the build, ease of operation and that warm sound is great. I'm considering the BAT VK500 amp for my ReQuests - maybe in a few months.
I am using a VK-5i which I feel similarly about. Question? Much improved the 30SE over the 5i and the 50. Assuming the 50SE as their top model. Thanks.