BAT 300xse or Musical Fidelity TriV 300 Integrated

Hello, I'm thinking down sizing my system and going integrated.Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 or BAT 300xse. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremonas,Classe Cam-200s, Wadia 830 cd player and Kimber Select cables ks-3035,ks-1130.If anyone has any experience with two integrated amps I would appreciate your feedback & comment's. Thank You
I've often thought of simplifying my system by going to an integrated. I've listened to quite a few, my two favorites being the BAT VK-300XSE and the Rowland Concentra II. I would have a hard time picking between these two. I have listened to the MF TV 300 and I was not overly impressed. It was good, but it didn't have the 'you are there' presence and tonal balance I prefer, like the BAT and the Rowland had. Now, the setups were different, I didn't listen to them in my system, so feel free to take my experiences with a grain of salt.
It looks like you have a nice system, I really like the Cremona speakers and the KS wires have been tempting me. I would think twice before downsizing, and I have, that's why I haven't bought one of these integrateds yet. I've been down that road before (downsizing), and a year or two from now the yearning to 'upgrade' again will come. This audiophile stuff is a disease.

Good luck,

I am presently looking to move out of my I-5 to something more substantial .... how did you make with BAT or TriV300 or Rowland???