BAT 300X INT 6922 vs. Super Tube model thoughts?

First of all...I saw this addressed in an old thread somewhere but can't find it. I do see opinions of this sprinkled in other BAT 300x threads...but would like to get some fresh and targeted feedback. (Please DO NOT use this to recommend other Integrateds! (that's not what I need right now). Ideally I'd love to hear from someone who's heard both... but will welcome comments about one or the other too.

Background: I have long been considering a BAT integrated...I have owned all kinds of equipment, (including some great separates). My speakers, DAC, and wiring are tilted toward the musical side already. I am NOT a fan of forward or uber-detailed (ie. edgy) sound--I like musicality and good imaging (yeah, i we go ; ).

For what It's worth, in my experience with ARC and other equipment, I favor a 6922 "sound" over a supertube one...but don't know if that would apply to the BAT integrated. In those other implementations I've found the supertube to be impressive at first, but slightly thin and, in the long run, fatiguing. Of course with the 6922's you also have some roll options.
I've owned some BAT gear over the years (vk200, vk60, vk50se, vk51se, p10, p10se and p10se superpak, vk75se and vk150se). Enjoyed it immensely. I do hear you on the 6h30 tube. If you're sensitive to can't go wrong with the 6922 based version.

The VK60 and P10 used 6sn7's or 6922's respectively as the input..they did have a sonic signature a little different than the 6h30 based amps....they both have their strengths.

I did have that BAT integrated amp at home for a month while my 50se was getting upgraded to a 51se, it's one hell of a integrated...Seriously good for the money...