BAT 300x 6922 vs Super tube

BAT 300x 6922 vs Super tube

I currently have the 300x with 6922 tubes. I like it very much, the sound stage is expanse and the sound has that �wetness� only tubes can provide. However I do miss the tight bass associated with Solid State. I was wondering if anyone has heard the 6922 and super tube version side by side. If so, is the bass tighter and faster with the Super Tube option? And does it sacrifice the wonderful midrange?

Thanks for your help
I have a 300X. It was originally a Supertube version, which I just had BAT change to the 6922 version. I prefer the 6922 sound, especially with Telefunkens, which Steve Bedarski of BAT suggested, to the Supertube sound; I even preferred the stock Sovtek 6922 sound to the Supertube sound. Everything else in my system remained the same when I made this change. I found the 6922 version to have that "wetness" you mentioned and a warmth, especially with the midrange, that the Supertubes did not have. The bass doesn't sound noticeably different between the two versions, and my speakers (Fulton Premiers) go down to 20hz. Other Audiogon commentators about the two versions were, I think, unanimous that the 6922 version is "better" than the Supertube version--if one wants more of the classic warm tube sound. Despite the cost, I'm glad I had BAT make the change, and I am highly satisfied with the 6922 version.

Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly the type of info I was looking for. I will have to start doing some tube rolling. I guess with tubes in the signal path you always compromise the bass somewhat.

Thanks again
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I'd say that the Supertube version had perhaps a bit more detail and air than the 6922 with either Sovteks or Telefunkens, but the midrange richness was noticeably absent, and this was what made me devoted to tubes in the first place. I didn't notice any difference in imaging or soundstaging between the two versions, but I'm not as concerned about that as I am the midrange, so I wouldn't notice changes unless they were dramatic. Incidentally, my speakers are particularly revealing about bass and midrange; because of the arrangement of their multiple tweeters, they have exceptional soundstaging anyway, irrespective of the electronics. The bass seemed to be more or less identical with both versions.

Try some Ei 6DJ8 Elite goldpins in your BAT.Works wonders in my Pathos Logos(Had to chance one fuse from 1A to 2.5A because of the higher heater current on the 6DJ8 tubes,so just check compatbillity) Otherwise great tube !!