BAT 300 SE integrated volume problem

Hi Audiogoners,

I just got a new BAT 300 SE 150 Watts per channel integrated amp. I'm driving JM Focal monitors rated about 89 efficiency. I'm having to turn the BAT all the way to the max to get good, albeit loud, volume. It simply won't get NEARLY as loud as with a Cary SLI-80 or a Prima Luna Dialogue II integrated!

Also, I just switched from an older Sony ES CD player to a Musical Fidelity A3.5, and that seems to put even more of a strain on volume. Does that make sense?

I'm biwiring my speakers from the BAT and I run a Von Schweidkert subwoofer from the speakers, as a Von S rep advised.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I believe that you should adress this problem to VK.
I would suspect a tech problem knowing the fact that it shoud 'scream' louder than mentioned SLI80.
Is there a -20 dB or similar "mute"?
Something is wrong. On CD with my inefficient Aerial 7b speakers, I never turned it up past 80 (max is 140). Email Victor at BAT.
There is input control - at least there is on my BAT preamp. Maybe it's been turned down.

My volume only goes up to 100; is there some setting I'm missing?
Should go from 0 to 140. I believe 112 is unity gain on the 300x. Hit the function button on the remote or the front panel. Continue to hit it until you see the word "MAX." Turn the volume knob clockwise until you get to 140. Then hold function down until the display stops blinking. Problem solved!
Agoners to the rescue. Yes, this was a case of me being an idiot and not reading the manual carefully. It came to me set with 100 being the max. Now I can safely blow the walls off!

Many thanks to all who pitched in.

Yours in sonic excellence,

The Rustler
Glad you got it sorted out. I lived happily with the 300x for years, before ultimately upgrading to my BAT VK-52SE and VK 600SE. Time to enjoy!