BAT 150 SE vs. Manley Neo- Classic 250

Wondering, if anybody heard both of these amps in the same system to make meaningful comparison.
I used to own BAT 75SE, so I'm pretty familiar with it's sound. Never heard Neo-Classic 250.
I do realize the price difference, $19 K for BAT, and $9K for Manley, but still, they are both high powered push-pull designs, so at least can be compared based just on that.
if you are going push/pull you may want to entertain Mc ARC and CJ as well.
Hello Maril555,

I once had a dealer bring over a pair of Manley Neo-Classic 250's to compare to my BAT 150's. I own Eidolon Diamonds and have read that they shine with more power so I wanted to audition a tube amp with more watts.

I have to tell you it was not even remotely close. I'm not kidding, the dealer told me he had never been so embarressed with a demo. If you would like more of the details feel free to send me a private email.

Good luck to you,

Hi, also the 150SE are a pretty big step up over a 75SE. FYI, I had 75SE, then bought a 2nd 75SE. My dealer converted them in about 15 min in my home. Jumper cable inside and soldering a wiring harness.

Wow. Much more resolution, extension, control, blacker background.

All the good things of the 75SE, just a serious step up...

Good luck !