bass with RS-212D

Installed the RS-212D recently.
The bass greatly diminished comparing to previous arm (Sumiko MDC800 and/or Rega300).
The RS-212D came with Audio Technica S4 headshell, cable is 6NX-TSW-1010. Other components not changed.
I ordered a few other headshells, have not received them yet.
Used 2 cartridges so far - the Acutex M320STR and Grado Amber The Tribute, both yield about the same as far as lack of bass goes. Wonder if there are other areas/points I should consider within what was changed - the arm itself, the cable. The other jig I changed was the round piece on the plinth on which the arm base is installed. The one that I used with Sumiko has a different size drill for the arm base (smaller), I decided to make a new one rather than altering the old piece in case I need to go back. The new piece is made of cherry wood, about 1/2 inch thick, 2 inch diameter. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you