Bass traps: RPG Modex Corner vs ASC Tube Traps vs?

Hi, I am looking to add some bass traps to my room. I am thinking about either the RPG Modex Corner or the ASC Tube Traps. It appears from the data that the ASC Tube Traps have a higher absorption coefficient than the RPG Modex Corner but it is difficult compare because the Tube Traps are 4' tall and the Modex Corners are 2' tall. I was thinking about stacking 2 Modex Corners but I am not sure if doing so will significantly increase its absorption abilities.

Has anyone tried either or both of these products? Is there anyone else I should be looking at?

Thank you,
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Look at GIK Tri-Traps. They are are new to the market. Haven't done comparison, but numbers are good. They are basically panel-type traps with triangular pieces added to top & bottom for cornr mounting. Very attractive price to perfomance ratio.
Thanks Beavis. I am have looked at them and their absorption figures are impression. The price is really nice compared to others. I dont know anyone who has purchased them so I am reluctant do it.
RealTraps Mondo Traps.
I second the Realtraps Mondo traps........ I have them (along with some other Realtraps stuff) in my room and am very pleased. The price/performance ratio of these products is very good.

thanks for the input on RealTraps. They are nice however my wife probably wont let me get them. My listening room is actually my living room so I have to consider how the treatments look. Right now, the RPG, ASC, and GIK look the best.
Build your own! Decware Audio sells the plans.
I am not going the build your own route (not enough time, got kids, etc). I think I have decided on the GIK and ASC. The Realtraps are nice but too ugly for me.
RPG Modex Corner come in 3 frequency ranges, which makes me think that if I get the low frequency (50Hz) version, it will abosorb 50Hz better than the full range less tuned bass traps like Real Traps Mondo Corner.

Having trouble comparing the specs, when a corner trap specifies absorption coefficient, and you want to convert that to Sabins, do you include the just the front face or the sides as well?
I own the GIK corner traps and I've got to be honest - IMO they are pretty crappy. They are fairly shoddily constructed, and I've found their performance to be so-so.

In the case of room acoustic treatments, you get what you pay for. I'm not familiar with the RPGs, but the ASC tube traps are the real deal. I believe the cylindrical shape, along with much more dense contents is what contributes to their superior performance.