bass traps's worth the effort

I built some custom Ethan Winer midbass/upperbass/midrange traps for my listening room, covering the front wall behind the speakers.
Cost was under $200, and took about a week to construct.
The improvement in overall bass clarity and impact is striking.

1khz Reference level = 75db
Hz--------w/o traps---w/traps
200-------72---------79 (+7db)
160-------69---------76 (+7db)
125-------68---------75 (+7db)
100-------68---------74 (+6db)
80--------69---------74 (+5db)
63--------62---------68 (+6db)
50--------67---------68 (+1db)
40--------75---------76 (-1db)
31--------77---------76 (-1db)

pix of traps
It's surprising that the response changed so much (from 63Hz-200Hz) with the addition of the traps (at least to me). It looks like the traps are "tuned" for that bandwidth...

Good work!
Thanks Plato,

Ethan stated the center frequencies of the panel traps would be approximately 90hz and 150hz, but I was surprized how effective a single wall treatment can be down into the midbass.
I'm probably going to install another 8'x2' midbass trap in the ceiling directly over the listening position; maybe I can get that 50-60 range up into the low 70's; there's definitely a major cancellation in my room in that region.

Sorry I've been such a stranger the past week.
Between building these traps and keeping up with my business, I've barely had time to sleep! (September/October is always a busy time in my graphics business)
Hopefully we can get that meeting together later this week if the phone stops ringing for a day or two.

Hey Snick,

No problem -- it's better to be busy than not busy and in business you have to rake it in while the raking is good. Give me a shout when you have time to breathe. And if you have any bass traps left over, put them aside for me would you?! :)