Bass traps. ASC Bass Traps for my subwoofer??

I've read about ASC's bass trap...designed for the subwoofer to sit upon in order to "decouple" it from the floor...etc.

Right now, my M&K 5000 is sitting on carpet spikes in a corner because I've always thought you WANTED to couple it to the floor!(?)

Any insight/experiences with this?
If you are watching hometheater you want everything to move.Music is a little different............i listen to music in my car, my HT rocks and rolls!
The traps are made to help with boominess. To allow the bass to be clearer and less boomy. I just read an article in Home Theatre and they recommend a product from Auralex called the Subdude platform. It "floats" your subwoofer on foam and corrects some of this boom. $59.00 is pretty cheap compared to traps if it works.