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does anyone have experience with GIK vs primacoustics. They both look like well done products. I'm thinking about bass traps up front with panels behind and to the first reflection points about six feet out from the front wall. Two more panels at the rear, about 20 feet back, and I'll be set (well, I hope so). But.....which company? I've spoken with Jim Smith of "Get Better Sound". He asked that I send pictures of my listening environment to be able to give some accurate advice. Great guy to speak with. Anxiously awaiting his insights. Anyone else?
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I used Ready Acoustics ones with good results; pictured on my virtual system page. So attractive that my wife, who has no interest in audio, had me buy some more for the HT room.
Hello Brian
I did much research a few years ago on room treatments as well as trying many absorbers, defusers etc. Eventually I decided to hire a company that specializes in room analysis to shoot the room. The first thing they did was to shoot the room, then remove all the absorbers I had placed and run there program again, it turned out the room was better with no room tunes than the ones I had placed, I would still argue that, but there analysis doesn't lie. In the end, after much trial an error they ended up using one small absorber in the middle of the rear wall, two small first reflection absorbers on the side walls and one very large bass absorber in the rear corner.
One thing they told me that I have since found to be true, was that a bass absorber should be two to three feet thick to be affective. The one they used very affectively here was a 2' cube made by ASC.
I had a Rives Level II done. You can buy absorbers, diffusors and combos. You can also build a lot of this yourself. There is probably something to the thick bass absorber that Tmsorosk references. Mine are designed to absorb below a certain frequency. They are custom made corner absorbers that consist of pond liner that sound passes through and is absorbed by different types of fiber glass. The absorber is about 2 1/2' on each side and goes from floor to ceiling which is 9'. These are behind the speakers and there are different corner absorbers in the back of the room.
I'm using a pair of GIK Tri-traps. They seem to work well enough but I haven't A/B-ed them against other makes.
I have a Rives level 2 also...bass traps are getting installed today...currently have ASC tower traps in the 2 corners behind the speakers...will reply back on how different the Rives custom bass traps sound...
It will be interesting to see what the comparison reveals. Especially when one looks at the construction differences. Right now I'm talking with Primacoustics and GIK. Now, I'm no carpenter ( growing up my Father's motto was cut THEN measure) but I'm tempted to build my own and have a local upholsterer complete the outer fabric.

You might also check out Acoustimac. I used them and they can be viewed on my virtual system.
I have used Acoustimac as well and have experience with GIK. I use and prefer RealTraps. Cost you a bit more but more effective in my experience.
My new Rives designed bass traps are in...listening now...defiantly improvement...might need to adjust the speakers...bass is much deeper and more articulate...the mids are seriously more focused/cleaned up. I posted some pics on my system page if you want to look...
I use Gik tritraps for all my corners(wall/ceiling incl).
Checked out a diffusor from primacoustics $999.00 YIKES.
Gik does what they are suppose to do and the price is excellent
plus service ect.
Hi Brian,
Are you using a fullrange speaker or a speaker sub combo?
Hi Brian,

I do not seem to have the images.

If you sent them, please send them again.

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Jim Smith
Hey 827, I just ordered some tekton Pendragons, can't wait!
Has anyone heard of Acoustic Geometry. I was in a Magnolia store and they has them all around. Very sturdy and well built with a "curved surface construction. But they do not seem all that popular.