Bass trapping - corners or walls?

I've been reading articles on the ASC website and it seems that they contradict themselves regarding placement of bass traps. Most of their placement articles discusses placing bass traps in the corners. But the article below actually says that traps in corners are not that important and that traps along the mid point of opposite walls are more beneficial. What gives?
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I am considering GIK soffit traps to help me with a bass null, and I would be grateful if you could expand upon the comment you made above:
The thick GIK soffit traps really don't do much here.
It would be great to hear your experiences with these traps, their pros and cons, and why you don't think they would do much.  Thanks in a advance for your thoughts.
I hear you, @auxinput.  Thanks very much for sharing your impressions.  If you have a chance, I would be curious to know how many traps you used and for how large an area.  Interesting to hear that you feel the Owens panels are more effective than the GIK.