Bass trap in a difficult corner

I have a corner that has very little space for a bass trap. On that wall is a large book end which I think makes for a decent diffuser but there is still a corner right next to the bookshelf that is completely exposed. On the adjacent corner is a trap. Will that be enough?
ASC makes half round and quarter round bass traps. You may want to look into them. I just bought quarter rounds for my rear corners because, like you, I don't have room for a full bass trap.
Only your ears will tell. Lately, I have been experimenting intensely with DIY panel traps and found that, in my room, one large trap (24" wide X 10' high 4" thick OC 705) was very beneficial, but when I added its mate to the opposite corner, the mid-bass was further improved but the room was (way) too dead. You can overdo it!

When I built a smaller one (same but only 12" wide), it provided a better balance of mid-bass attenuation without dampening things too much. Surprisingly, it did not affect imaging at all to have two different size traps.

The best thing to do is to buy a pack of OC 705 FRK (six 2" thick 2' X 4' sheets for about $135), peel the FRK facing off of half of them, cover each with cheap fabric sealed on the back with duct tape, and then experiment with different combinations of these in the corner to see what you like. When you find the right combo, build the frame and cover with the fabric you choose.

The 12" wide version may work for you in this corner if you like the effect of the additional treatment in the corner. If you don't like it, then make triangular echo traps with the 705 for the ceiling/wall corners. Also, definitely try them at first reflection points. Makes a big difference.

Good luck.
GIK Tri-traps may be a solution that suites your needs.
Thanks. I've seen the GIK website and the price seems right. That pillar traps looks interesting, too.
I have a corner in my room that I cannot block because it is the access to my system. I am making a DIY 20" round trap on wheels so I can move it when I have to easily.
Believe it or not, those tubes they roll rugs on make great bass traps when installed in corners, and they are free. Just go anywhere rugs are sold and ask for them.
Don't forget the corners where your walls meet the ceiling (all the way across the wall, not just in the upper corners). If you don't have room in a standard corner, put your traps up high. The GIK traps work very nice.