Bass sensation like a loud car system in home?

I know this is a bit of a silly question but bear with me here:

What options are there for getting that feeling of a powerful subwoofer vibrating through your body in your home?  I know the easiest option would be to just put a capable subwoofer next to your seating and let it hit as hard as it can.  I'm also not trying to make all of my neighbors hate me so I'm looking for some creative solutions to pulling it off at reasonable residential volumes.

I'm thinking that some combination of tactile transducers in the couch and a subwoofer next to or also installed inside of the couch would get pretty close.  Being right under your body I wonder what kind of decibels would actually be required to get a bass massage going.  Without the sensation of the high volume bass it also might just seem silly and be a complete waste of time aside from watching movies.

1+jd55, I have heard some outrageously good car systems, competitions for highest sound pressure levels aside. I use to do my own systems because the factory ones were terrible but that is no longer the case. Although most stock systems are not the last word in performance they are quite tolerable so, I do not feel the need to rip a new car apart. Car systems to me are like headphones. They can sound great but it is the wrong perspective. 
Very large woofers and lots of power.

I suggest a pair or 24" Hartley woofers in custom cabs that can be many shapes. Hartley can help you with this.

We built some cabs for these back in the day for the Levinson HQD system:

They are big, but will give you what you are seeking.

The Eminent Technology rotary subwoofer can easily do this. it’s a bit pricey but if you want bass down to 1Hz, it’s the best.
I own a pair of Hartley Reference, a full range speaker with the 24" as  the woofers.  My understanding is that the 24"ers are no longer produced and very difficult to find on the open market.  It took me over two years to find a pair on the internet and I bought them of course \8-).

Easier to find the 18" drivers, still few and far between.

OP,  If you really want boom boom then the Hartleys are not for you.  Buy some modern powered sub-woofers.  The Hartleys are very musical and not designed to slam you in the face, they will but I'm not going to find out for how long.


Have you considered structural damage to your home? Corner cracked windows? Drywall screws backing out?