bass reproduction

This thread was prompted by the price/performance thread, a great question by the way. I'm currently thinking about my choices of speakers. My budget says go with a monitor and I would like to have a bit more bass. My room is l6 x 24 by 8. How much bass can a room this size accurately reproduce. Tops on my short list is the Merlin TSM se. Bobby Palkovic tells me there is enough bass to support the mids and hi's. I'm not looking for answers to what speakers I should choose, rather I am looking for the specs to pick the right speaker. Thanks Richard
The post concerning bass in a small room are confusing if not inaccurate. Remember, a car interior (which one could consider a very small room) boost bass response. The bass response is influenced by room dimemsions, standing waves (which can add or subtract bass), speaker location, room construction, etc. In fact there is a computer program availble that will model bass response of a room as you change speaker locations (sorry, I can't remember its name).
Hi Murphy I really don't know at what point you would have problems but that is a pretty decent sized room. I own a pair of VSM-SE's in a smaller room than that (bass is SUPERB BTY 32hz easy). I wonder if the TSM's might get lost in your room. You probably would be looking at a sub in a room that size with those speakers. I wouldn't hesitate to ask Bobby, he'll give you a straight answer.
i think monitors are a good choice, but your room is large enough to support a pair of good subs. you *don't have to spend mega-bucks for a pair of good subs, btw. i know ya dint ask for *names*, but check out vmps' subs - a *steal* for their performance - one of the few products i had no qualms about buying new. even new (w/a bit of a discount!), *still* much better performance-per-dollar than buying used... doug