Bass Quality in the North Creek Rhythm/Revelator

Since we can't really audition these speakers. I thought I would post another question about them to get a good archive for others interested in this DIY kit.

I am interested in the quality of the bass. Extension, detail and most important- realism. I have heard many speakers with sets of 5 to 7 inch drivers acting as the bass woofers that have good bass extension but lack realism. The bass sound is there but sounds a bit like its being created by the speaker and not the source recording. An artificial quality I guess. I noticed it in both Audio Physic Sparks and Verity Audio Tamino which both do incredible imaging and midrange- but lack in the bass quality I'm looking for.

I listen to experimental rock, "post rock", folk, and jazz with a splash of classical (mainly Beethoven.) My room is a dormered out attic configured as a cross 31' by 25'. Essentially like a 31'x 11' room crossed with a 25' x 16. The speakers are placed where the shoulders would be on a crucifix with the listener at the waist. Floor is carpeted and the ceiling is angled. Is that more info than you need to know? Probably.

My Stuff:
Theta Miles balanced driving a BAT VK-500. Looking for new speakers, I currently enjoy Vandersteen 2ci's.

Any input is welcomed.
As previously mentioned, I have the NCMS Rhythm Revelators. Associated electronics: balanced Theta DS Pro Gen Va with 24/96 upgrade, a CODA FET 04r pre & CODA Model 11 amp. Cabling – all balanced -- ranges from aq Vipers to DIY 89248/89259, Kimber, & XLO.

The bass is extremely fast/accurate, with great texture & articulation. I have no desire for a sub -- at least no rational one. I tried a friend's $2000 10" Velodyne (I don’t recall the model) for a month with my last speakers (Madisound MDY-4s). It was very "fun" to begin with. I wound up turning it down more & more because I could never get the music to sound right. When he came to pick it up he didn't even think it was on. It was, but its output was dramatically attenuated with respect to the monitors’.

For my room, with my electronics, the bass of the Rhythms is wonderful. Articulate, reasonably well extended, but most importantly, balanced and integrated with the rest of the music. Every once in a while I wish I had the 20 Hz LF extension, but if you've ever had it you'll also know it can create a great deal of headaches. If you want true infra-bass capability I'd check out George's new Vision project. I'm pretty sure you need at least two amps, and I'm pretty sure (virtually positive) that you'll need an active XO between the amps. The set-up will cost a lot more. For me with my present set up (which I have no plans to change for the foreseeable future) the bass is perfect. It has no shortcoming other than the error of omission: not much of that very first octave. The bass should be at least a little better on the Signatures due to the 8 ga. inductors.

Hope this helps.

Karl: This is really tough because, in my opinion, all speakers color sound and is a sonic compromise of some sort. I like to make speakers and model mine on NC. No speaker has "realism" if you ask me. I've never mistaken a live piano or percussive instrument for a recording. Nonetheless, the NC rhythm is very musical and enjoyable. At it's price retail nothing touches it in my opinion and the quality, as I noted before, is not matched in many, no most!, speakers at 5-10 times the cost. It does not have the deepest extension but it does a very good job. I am not
a bass fanatic compared to most these days but I fell no need for a sub.

Tough choice never being able to audition it.
Have you contacted NC and asked if they have anyone with a pair near you? Not sure they will give out names but it must be a common request.

Sounds like you have a nice listening room and really enjoy it.

Let us know if you get one.

I remain,