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hi everyone

i m using meridian g68 with 621 for pre ,proceed hpa3 n thiel mcs1 n 2.3i for ht setup . is there anyway to improve my bass more punch from 2.3i ?my sub was fine with strong punch,just the way between sub n the front was missing something .i knew the krell power amp may help ,but is there any other way to improve instead of changing gear, because i m satisfied with the mid n high now but not the bass from my front speaker.

thanks a lot
What Interconnect, speaker and power cables are you using?
Do you have a dedicated power line from the breaker panel?
- what else is on that power line?
Do you have good quality wall outlets?
Is there a power conditioner in the system?
Is there a power strip/bar - what kind?

My biggest bang-for-the-buck payback for attaining "punch" was in these areas...
- Interconnects - Stager Silver Solids
- Speaker Cables - Van Den Hul 10 gauge
- Power Cables - Furutech with gold-on-copper connectors
- Power Strip/bar - DIY unit with Pass and Seymour outlets
- Power Conditioner - got rid of it

If you can't manage a dedicated power line, then at least replace the wall outlet(s)

Plug the amp directly into the wall outlet
Source components can use the power strip/bar

A good power distribution component e.g. the Dectet from PS Audio, will serve you well - there are other good ones out there - post a question here :-)

In my DIY power strip/bar I wired the outlets in a "star" formation - not in parallel - this eliminates any power demands from one source component effecting the delivery of power to other components.

Betchya thought the answer was simple :-)

Hope this helps
If you play just the 2.3's alone as the mains, do you get the bass you're looking for? I wonder if there is any chance you are getting some bass phase cancellation with the mcs1 firing 180 degrees out of phase relative to the 2.3s in your set up. The proceed should provide the 2.3s the current they need.
Does your sub have a low-pass filter? It's important not to 'team up' your sub with the mains but to set the sub where the mains begin to roll off. Otherwise the sub will mask the mains.
Sorry - I got the wrong end of the stick above - ignore

But while I'm here - Does your sub have a phase alignment?
hi everyone

thanks for all your reply.

i guess i solve the problem ,as Stevecham said , i changed my supra isf xlr to 24k gold head (but same model of cable),and plug my power amp's power cord to wattgate gold socket , the punch was alot more obvious and strong . these accessories did their job