Bass Management Question


I am currently building a combination home theater / audio system and am considering the Marantz SR7200. I have read that in the source direct mode (for stereo) that it defeats the subwoofer. I know I can still have the sub active for music using the ProLogic or Circle Surround modes. I also believe I can also feed the right and left main pre-outs to the sub, but then I think I lose the true 5.1 effects/info to the sub. Are there some other arrangements that I could use to have the sub work in true 5.1/6.1 fashion AND still be active in the stereo only mode? FWIW, the sub out has a cutoff of 100 Hz. Also, I know there are other rcvrs w/better bass management, but I prefer the sound quality of the Marantz for music over the others.

check out the Outlaw Audio ICBM at

It is a bass management unit that has had favorable reviews. I believe it would pass the .1 content to the subwoofer when it was present. At the same time, it will pass the bass (at the crossover frequency you select) from your front speakers to the subwoofer. It retails for $249.
You will not lose the info contained on the LFE track if you chose an external x-over for the sub(s). It will be in the low freq. data sent to the sub if the proper settings are chosen for your system configuration. Check out the piece recommended by Bufus. You will likely prefer the flexible bass management of an external x-over to the token circuit that's built in. As always, audition gear and listen to multiple set up methods before committing. The way you like it is the right way...
Thanks for your input. I'll check out the ICBM. I suppose there is a slight chance that I would like the sound using the internal crossover, but I doubt it since it is set too high. Is it possible I can tweak it to an acceptable sound using the subs controls/levels?

What about alternate receivers? I know Denon has an adjustable crossover freq., but it's lowest setting is 80 Hz. My mains are good to 37Hz. Any out there that have setting capability of below 60Hz and also sound good with music as well as movies?

Chris- you are probably going to want to x-over at about 1 octave above the point your mains poop out to get good music integration, to the 80 hz might not be out of the picture.