Bass issues with Energy RC-50- more power?

First time I am reaching out to the Audiogon community for expertise- what a great resource, thanks for any help you may lend.

I recently purchased some Energy RC-50 speakers, paired with an RC-LCR center and (not yet connected) RC-10's for the rear. I have an older but great shape Marantz SR7000 100WPC x 5.1 receiver and a Hsu Research VTF-1 sub.

When i ran the RC-10's as front channels with the sub, sound overall was great- but the small speaker size impacted the mid and low frequencies. I thought an upgrade to RC-50's would add a lot more to mid- and low-levels, but thus far, impression of bass response is that it is very lacking in the RC-50's. Reviews talk about the deep bass in these speakers- so I presume/ hope that this is not a speaker issue. Perhaps a power issue? Do I need more power to run these properly? 8 ohm speakers all around, receiver is rated at 8 ohms. Thanks for your suggestions on what I can/ should do to achieve best possible sound with this setup.
Are you still using the sub? If not, did you change the configuration in your receiver to account for the fact that you no longer have the sub in the system? Also, did you go into the receiver setup and set the front speakers from small to large?

Check the setup/configuration to make sure you are sending the full frequency range to the new speakers.
Reubent- you are a genius! Thank you very much- I had failed to reset the front channels from "Small" to "Large". This seems to have opened up the sound quite nicely. Still working to perfect the balance with the sub now- I suspect folks on this forum would advise me to get a sound pressure meter to calibrate.

REALLY appreciate your knowledgeable help in fixing this problem- thank you so much!
You are most welcome! And yes, a sound pressure meter would be the next step. Beyond that, the newer receivers have room correction and automated setup using an included microphone and their digital processing is much better.

Enjoy your setup!