Bass Cable-Copper or Silver?

I'm looking for a bass cable for my speakers. I'm going to run Audioquest Clear S.E. to the Mids/highs. Was wondering what gave the better (to me better means faster/deeper bass)bass , pure silver, pure copper or silver coated copper. I would think the silver is best but am not sure.
DJ, a second AQ cable for bass like Forest/Midnight would be great, or if cost is no factor a second run of AQ Clear. I would not mix cable from another company, although I have seen some reviewers do this, this can be problematic. As to copper vs silver really the cable design is much more of a factor, but in general silver is faster more detailed, but well designed copper cable can sound faster more detailed than some silver cables, Sam
Agree with Sam: try to keep the same brand when biwiring. My general perceptions of silver: brighter & more forward. Copper: warmer & more rounded, which would seem to be a better bass cable for you. There is no "best" you just have to try them out per your personal preferences. I generally like copper better, but silver (interconnect) was by far preferred for my phono.
have you already bought the aq clear? if not, forget 'em. go w/ the best cardas or tara labs you can afford. if you already have the aq, you might think of cutting into, say, 3 ft. chunks and selling it as esoteric tie-downs for highend tents.
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UMMMMM.....I agree with Sean, Sam, and Bob!! cable design is much more important. Same design? silver or copper is up to your system and you and your vallet.
To be sure you don't want to mix different types of cables in biwiring. Audioquest is fine for the money and their new stuff is supposed to be a vast improvment in clarity? I myself prefer copper to silver. I find silver to be somewhat fatiging. You may want to try out both if possible and let your ears be the judge. I also agree with Sean, Sluggo you need to quit giving ill informed responses to legitimate questions. Seans "hog-tie" idea sounds like the type of medicine you need. Maybe we can find you a back woods mountain man to tell you, you have a purttee mouth! Get a life. Good luck DJ Thestryder
I do not agree that silver cable is bright and 'fatiging'. It is some brand of silver cable that is bright and fatiging. Silver gives the best sound and AQ Dragon Silver speaker cable is much better than any other AQ copper products. Indeed I found AQ clear to be very fatiging.
I agree with Sam and Bob, use the same brand. The Midnight would be a great match. I´m using a double run of Argent with my DNA-1 dlx/ Maggie 3.6 combo. Good luck!
I agree with Sam, the cable guru. I would go with AudioQuest Midnight personally. It is a large gauge cable, which can be purchased at a good price(used). It is AudioQuest's largest copper cable, which is what is desired in a cable used for bass reproduction(will be less current limiting). As to copper or silver, for LF, I would go with copper due to the lower cost. It is much harder to differentiate minute differences in LF regarding cables. Mids and HF easily lay bare the differences in cable. Silver is only bright if it is not used correctly. If it is stranded, or of incorrect geometry. Actually, silver is smoother than copper, if the right cable is used. Compare AudioQuest, Silver Audio, etc. silver products to copper.
Using AQ Argent(top) and Midnight3(bottom)with great success.Keep as short as possible. Any other questions feel free to reply! charlie
Thnx for the responses. I havent heard the A/Q Clears yet, I should get them in the mail in acouple days. Bought them used here on Audiogon. Selling my Purist Colossus because I need longer length. Figured if I dont like the Clear I can resell. I have B&W Matrix 800's that have 8 speaker post per speaker so I plan on running the Clear BiWire to the 4 mid/high post and a single run to the bottom set of bass post and use a jumper to the top bass. Not to many high end cable stores here in town to demo cables.(only Nordost-Kimber & Purist) so I gotta take a chance here. I think I will try 2 find a pair of Midnights or Forest. Thnx for the info. Anyone selling a 10-12' pair?
DJ, have owned B&W 801s for about 10 years. I've biwired them using Audioquest Dragon for Mid/ High and Audioquest Clear for Bass. Killer combination with Levinson 23.5. Good Luck!
Forgot to mention Bob Cohen at Cable Company (y'all likely know him) may offer some good advice/suggestions + you can try cables from the lending library for a negligible fee. Regarding the Sluggo sentiment: are you going to continue your abuse until Audiogon permanently kills these chat-sessions (they are quite fed-up with your ilk, as are most of us here). This is another perfect example of the reasons they're threatening to shut it down. Take your abuse to AudioReview; you'll have plenty of company. We're interested in helping & advising each other here, so please go away.
I just upgraded from an internally bi-wired pair of AQ Argnet+ to a double bi-wired run of Clear SE (feeding SF Guarneri Homage speakers). Biggest change (for me) was not so much tonal balance (though sibilance on bright recordings farmore subdued), but detail, air and soundstaging. AQ Clear is great stuff...and being sold second hand for a pretty decent price. I spoke with the folks at AQ last week, and they claim the new line is much better. Mayber so..but I think I'll "bottom feed" for a bit longer (next step -Diamonds!)
AudioMagic silver is giving me great results. Ran Spellcaster IIs and ICs with BAT gear. Before selecting, I auditioned Transparent, AQ, and Nordost. Very smooth with great bass depth/texture and delicate highs.