Bass and Bass Traps

I have the latest Merlin VSM's driven by an ARS Filarmonia integrated. I love my system, and overall I find the bass to be full and tuneful. When I placed 2' x 4' x 4" bass traps in the corners behind the speakers, that made the bass more tight and tuneful, and the overall soundstage more realistic. But when I stand half way between the speaker and the bass traps, the bass is more powerful and tuneful than it is from my listening position. I suspect it's because there's a room mode (or is it node?) there. When I'm playing music with hard driving bass, I wish that I could hear from my listening position the bass that I can hear when standing in afore mentioned position.

I guess my question is, what can I do acoustically to the room, if anything, to direct some of that bass to my listening position. I've ruled out moving the speakers through trial and error. Their current position seems optimized to me for all other considerations.

Room is 12' x 19' x 7'.
If possible, if your speakers are on the short wall relocate them to the long wall or vice versa. Other than that, electronic room EQ might be your other option if your woofers and amp can handle it...
do they work if they are behind the listener instead of the speaker? Then your position would be between the trap and the speaker.

just a thought...
Do you have panels at the first and second reflection points?
Lapierre: I have panels at the primary reflection point. Not sure where the secondary reflection point is.

Philjolet: I'm assuming you're talking about the bass traps. I have tubes in the rear corners. I don't think the panels could go behind me. However, you did inspire me to play with the position behind the speakers. Pulling them out from the corner (about half way between the corner and the speakers) seems to be the magic spot, which also happens to be about where the bass mode seemed to be located. I find it to be somewhat counter-intuitive that by absorbing bass at the mode, it would have the effect of tightening the bass at the listening position, but seems like that's how it works. In fact, now that I think about it, I guess that's the whole point. Duh.

Thanks for the suggestions.
The bass traps I use are much more than 4" thick, more like 18". I don't think narrow traps are of much use when it comes to lower frequencies.
Corning 6 PCF rigid fiberglass boards on ceiling and walls at first reflection points worked for me. My ceiling panel is 48" x 48" x 4" (LxWxD) with a 2" air pocket behind. Same for the walls. The bass is very nice. Everything else, as well.
Actually, the bass traps are 6" thick, not 4".

I should have experimented with them more when I first got them. They're much better in their new position. Noticeable improvement now particularly in sound staging, whereas before the improvement was marginal.
Are bass traps any less effective if they're behind furniture or other items?
I'm not seeing any comment for your thread with a solution.I just posted a tread similar to this one .I am having the same exact issue with my system.Only when I go between the speakers does It sound nice and full.Maybe our room dimension just suck...
My room is pretty narrow and ceilings are low, which I think presents some extra problems. It does seem that the position of the bass traps makes a real difference. Trial and error.