Bass amp settings for Zu Def 4 rev b

I'm curious to where other owners of the Zu def 4 speaker owners has there bass amps set?

I assume it's room dependent?

thanks, Scott

Definitely room-dependent. And somewhat system dependent. And you can't avoid that unless you are doing objective measurements for flattest response, it's preference dependent on the part of the controlling listener/owner.

What works for me: 

Volume = 8
Low pass filter = 30
PEQ gain = 3.5
PEQ frequency = 31
Phase = 0

While on sight, I thought I'd use *slightly* different settings for each channel, I settled on same for both.

How this gets set is also quite dependent on main power amp and overall system character as well, but unless you are bi-amping, the sub-bass system is deriving its signal from the main power amp via a low pass filter, so the low frequency traits of the main power amp are hugely influential. These settings are for a 21' x 14' x 8.5' room with open spaces in an open-plan house, slab foundation with wood floors and partial rugs rather than full carpet; drywall, and no explicit acoustic treatments. Just normal furnishings, art and bookshelves. Power amps are Audion Black Shadow 845 SET. Cabling is all Zu. The Def4 setup works equally for both analog and digital.

These are the setting for my Def4s. The frequency response is flat.

Volume = 9
Low pass filter = 45
PEQ gain = 3.0
PEQ frequency = 35
Phase = 0

I have a Larry Moore based 845 amp with various Zu interconnects.

my room is 24x17x8

i just want to get the most out of the speakers bass amps without hindering the Radian tweeter.

thanks for the reply
Could  either of you shed some light on the PEQ gain and frequency settings as to the effects being controlled. Not sure what I'm looking at there and would appreciate some insights.
In the Zu Definition 4, the sub-bass amp includes:

1/ an output volume setting;
2/ a low pass filter frequency setting to define the hinge point for the filter;
3/ a phase setting in degrees;
4/ a PEQ frequency setting;
5/ a PEQ gain setting.

The PEQ, or "Parametric EQ" functions differently than the more widely understood "Graphic EQ." In the Def4's case, the PEQ frequency setting allows you to shift a reference frequency for boost contouring, up or down within the range of 20Hz - 50Hz. The boost applies on an 18db/octave curve *below* the selected PEQ Frequency. Separate from the low pass filter frequency setting which determines the frequency below which the sub is active, PEQ allows you to manually address room effects in the deep bass region where most residential listening rooms suffer suckout. Once you've selected the frequency that best allows you to ameliorate your particular room's bass anomalies, the PEQ Gain control allows you to dial-in boost, in this case from 0 - 6db. Cut is not in the mix. However, Zu ships Def4 with the PEQ Gain dial at its mid-point (+3.0db), so effectively if you start there, settings below that will sound like cut unless your room anomalies actually require a true cut of PEQ level. If that's the case usually setting PEQ Gain to 0 or just above and adjusting the PEQ Frequency lower, will suffice.

Thanks Phil, this will help. Getting the bass just right can really make a difference with the overall presentation.
Phil, How does the bass setting effect the sound of the other speakers? Thanks, Scott