Basis Vector Tonearm

I am thinking for another Arm for my Basis Debut Table. Honestly I was on the way for a Kuzma Air Line but there is an Arm around, I never had a chance to listen to.
The Vector Arm. I know, there are owners of it here in the forum and beside all joy of owning one, I would like to get some info, in what areas it is superior to the one before ( brand ? ). Mr. Conti is not as agressive pushing his products like other manufacturers, so I hope to get some real useful information from those with a first rate Turntable / Music System.
I have a Vector arm on a Basis Debut (vacuum) table. Because I bought this as a system, I cannot comment on whether any component (table or arm) is superior to alternatives. The combination works extremely well. With my Lyra Titan cartridge, this combination sounds very dynamic and musical, but without the kind of fake dynamics that I hear in lightly-sprung, table/arm combinations. I have heard some people say that tables like the Debut are over-damped and so they suck the life out of music, but I disagree. Those tables that seem to have more life, sound more clangorous and artificial once one gets familiar with the sound of less lively tables.

Personally, I like tables and arms that are well damped and capable of killing spurious vibration before they feed back into the cartridge. This results in a quieter background (even noise in the groove sounds quieter because the spike dies out very quickly). With this combination doing a good job of mechanically dampening vibration generated by the stylus in the groove, I find that I can back down on the electrical loading of the cartridge and achieve a more open and lifelike sound without annoying sibilance and high frequency hash.

There are several operational/ergonomic issues with the arm. First, the alignment tool that comes with the arm does not give me much confidence in the ability to set both cantilever/stylus tangency to the groove and proper offset. A Wally Tools, type of alignment protractor would probably do a much more accurate job. Alignment is not nearly as easy to do as with the Graham. The counterweight is also difficult to move on the arm to set tracking force, particularly when trying to assure that one is not unduly stressing the pivot point when making the adjustment. Again, with the Graham, it is much easier to make fine adjustments. Finally, you MUST get the arm with the VTA adjustment micrometer. Changing VTA is a big pain without it (I know, that is why I am about to send the arm back for a retrofit).
Dear Larryi, thanks for your information. I think - I am not up to date with the Vector - that the latest version allows Azimuth, VTA ?
Do you have a spacer below the Arm ?
Well, for the Basis TT, like everything, when you want to say something in this or that direction, you can. In my opinion, the Basis is on the best sounding TT's I ever listened to, it is uncoloured. Personally I want the warmth or whatever to come from the software, not from my hardware. Taste is different of course, but I prefer the way it is. I agree with you with the Graham adjustments, I own(ed) one, an excellent Arm, but I was always impressed from Cont's TT's, so the Vector is probably interesting and from what I heard, it seems to be a top product ...or ?
I prefer an arm, which can offer the WHOLE spectrum from the record ( specially in the high frequeny area, lots of others I know don't do that...)
Larry/Thomas,I don't own a Basis Debut,but have heard it on numerous occassions.If I can add my 2 cents worth,a few comments(you both know this already);the table is incredibly well designed.On the one occassion when I felt I had heard the "BEST SYSTEM" I had ever experienced,the table in use was the Debut.The fit and finish is second to none.The designer supports his product.The company is stable,and has been around a long time(important).

Most importantly--The competition knows all of this and whenever the opportunity presents itself(loaners to reviewers ad campaigns,etc)the industry "tries" to generate a "BUZZ" about some newer pricier,more complex,and "soon to be yesterday's news"product!!

Remember Forsell,and a host of other short lived or overpriced products?

To me,the closest and fairly priced product,that has a proven track record(wonderful ownership too),and stands on it's own as a fabulous design(though not as massive as the wonderful Vacuum Debut)is the SOTA COSMOS series III.A table that although very well reviewed,as of late, is still underrated.A stunning performer in every way!It keeps me happy,as I ogle over the marvelous Basis!!Best of luck,you lucky dogs!!
Hello Thomasheisig,

I have refrained from posting because I cannot give you a comparision of the arm you were intending to seek vs. the Vector. I can tell you only what you may have already heard concerning this arm. That is, if you try the Vector ( I would make sure it is a model 3, with the mounts for the VTA adjuster. Perhaps check into the tuning weights. ), and it should not work for you I'm sure that you could re-sell it quite easily here. The last Vector that I saw come through with a fair amount of options sold within 3 days.

I have been able to compare the Vector with the same 2.2 that you are familiar with, although I admit that I have not had the 2.2 up and running for more than a couple of weeks, just days really. My first instinctive impressions tell me that both arms have a similarity at first. But I do detect that the 2.2 takes a bit more fussing to get to a point of synergy with a cartridge than the Vector. This is, of course, very dependant on the cartridge and in no way to I intend this to be a slap against the 2.2.

I'll stop here so I don't make a fool of myself amongst the many lurking Basis owners who choose to stay in the shadows. The Vector is very much worth your consideration.