Basis Turntable

I saw, there is a new Belt available, called 'Superbelt'.
Someone out there who compared it to the regular one?
What's the difference?
I haven't heard one, but I've talked to their representative. Supposedly, this belt is no different from their regular belt, as far as design and material, but, the "super" designation is given to those belts that are selected from their regular production run as meeting a much tighter tolerances for such characteristics as even thickness, etc.
Yep, that's what I understand the "super" belt is. I never got around to trying it on the Basis tables I owned but a few other Basis owners told me they thought there was an improvement.

Thomas, I have to believe that with your Walker motor controller that perhaps a different belt material might be better all around. If A.J. is selecting these super belts out of the lot for a closer tolerance then I would suspect that is based on what works best on the pulley that comes with the Basis motors. I'm not familiar with the pulley on the Walker, but maybe a silk string might work?

Best of luck with it! Basis makes really good tables.

I got one, and noted a very modest difference, a little more open. It is yellowish translucent, not black like the regular Basis belt, so I'm not sure how they would be picked out for better tolerance, but maybe they are.