Basis TT /Walker Motor Controller?SDS- 220 volts?

Can anyone tell me whether Basis tables can be easily "converted" to operate at 220 volt? This is a trivial matter on a Lingoed LP12 or an SME....but can't find any info for Basis. I have also noticed that some Basis TT owners use the Walker Precission Motor Drive (or the SDS) to fine tune the speed. Is this unit easily switchable between 220 and 120? How about the VPI SDS? Though these might seem somewhat trivial questions, the answers will likely determine whether I go for a Basis or an SME table as my next upgrade. Many thanks for any light you might shed on this....
The Walker may be ordered for 220 / 240 volt operation and will provide a stunning improvement for the Basis. I owned that combination and was amazed at the upgrade this simple addition provided.

Also worth considering, speed changes on a Basis requires the Plexiglas cover be removed and then (handling the rubber belt) stretch to the remaining pulley step. I always hated getting oils on the belt and trashing the flawless black plex on the basis by handling it so often.

Upgrading to the Walker controller, you leave the belt in the 33 speed position and select the 45 speed position on the controller. Each speed has it's own speed adjustment screw on the front panel.

I recently obtained a Clear Audio turntable for a guy in my group. They have a nice controller and it (I think) has the voltage selector. You might check into it, especially if you travel where you must accommodate both 120V and 240V.

Musical Surroundings will be able to tell you if the Basis table is compatible with the Clear Audio controller.

If you must speak about special order requirements of the 240V motor controller with Loyd Walker, be aware he leaves for one month vacation this coming Friday.

Good luck with your purchase, whatever you decide to do.
ALbert - Thank you for you reply. I think I mised Lloyd after all, but pretty surebased on your comments that the WPMD is not easily switcheable from 110 to 220. Interestingly, I sent an email to VPI and their SDS apparently will accept any voltage/frequency input and output 110V/60Hz. While the SDS might not be in the same league as the Walker in terms of build quality and perhaps effect on sound, this feature makes it mighty attractive for folks like me who need to consider operation in both the US and Europe. Regarding the Basis TT, it seems like conversion to 220 Volt operation on all the tables with and outboard motor is pretty simple, albeit expensive- you simply buy a 220 V motor module from them. For the Debut, the operation is FAR more complex as the onboard motor cannot be changed at home...which pretty much leaves the SDS as the only viable, low cost and low hassle solution. Any thoughts comments on the SME 20 vs a top of the line Basis? I've never had the opporutnity to audition them in the same system...but perhaps you have..
Sorry, no. I have several years experience with various Basis, VPI, Well Tempered, Versa and other tables, but not the SME.

I have a great deal of respect for the SME and one of the guys in my group has a model 20. I hope to have it in my system for a trial listen some day.

If Musical Surroundings comes for new product photography this Summer, I am going to try to score a Clear Audio Master Ref and linear arm. I understand it is probably not in the league with Rockport or a Walker, but I would love to listen for a couple of weeks, just so I could learn about it.

Before you buy the VPI controller you should check out the Clear Audio. I think it's got the 120-240 ability and it's not only pretty, but competitively priced.
Alexc, my experience was brief with the SME 20, and the system not fully familiar, but my feeling on it was that it was pretty much on the same level as my Basis (an Ovation which has been upgraded for all intents and purposes to a Debut Mk. V vacuum), but not an improvement. I preferred the sound of a Basis 2800 in that system marginally (felt it had a "blacker" background), but part of the difference might have been in the Graham vs. SME arms as well. The SME 30, on the other hand, which I heard on a number of occasions in a more familiar set-up, did have an ease and naturalness around it that seemed a level up from my Basis.

I can't add much more to Albert's excellent post; I too use a Walker motor drive with my Basis, principally because before the upgrade I had to change the pulley spindle each time I wanted to change speeds, a genuine pain in the rear (since the upgrade Basis now has a two-level pulley spindle, so I technically don't need the Walker for speed control, but it works so well at cleaning up the sound I've kept it). If you can contact Lloyd it might be worth it, as he may be able to make a custom model for you.
Much to my surprise, Lloyd managed to reply to me before going on vacation. Turnsout that his Motor Drive can be switched to 220 V by resoldering two wires. He also said a switch could be easily installed to make going back and forth easier, but that it could affect the sound. Net, not a big deal.