Basis TT Opinions

Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with the Basis 2000-2001 model turntables....opinions....Thx much....Sully

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I've had the 2000, upgraded to the 2001 and presently 2500. These are simple, yet elegant tables, well built and machined, and fabulous sounding. A Graham arm mates very well with them and can usually be found used at a reasonable price. They're not huge( Debut is the exception) and fit on most racks. In the same price range, I think a VPI Aries is a consideration. I liked the Basis sound better, and have no complaints. They're not cheap, but this is slightly offset by the trade up policy, if one is so inclined. I also have a friend with the 1400 and a RB 300 arm, and it also sounds great. They're easy to set up and low maintance, which is a plus to me. You will find those that prefer the sound of other similarly priced tables, and you may too, but you can't go wrong with a Basis table.