Basis or Michell GyroDec

I'm wanting to get back into analog and I'm looking at the the lower-end Basis tables (1400 and 2000) and the Michell GyroDec. (I am open to the Regas, but these others are more appealing to me.) While I haven't auditioned the two brands, I do understand that they have different sounds. Were it not that you have to spend $3K with Basis to get a suspension, I would probably go that way instead of the Michell. Not certain I need a suspension, but I suspect I do with raised floors and a good but not great equipment rack. A high priority in this decision is ease of use and maintenance.Modified Rega arm is likely either way.

Would appreciate anyone's experiences and insights. Thanks. Dan.

Hello, I have resisted response to this because of my limited experience with the Basis TT's. I own a Michell Gyro SE with an Origin Live modded tonearm. The Michell overall sounds darker than the Basis as I remember it. By darker I don't mean loss of detail maybe the difference between tube and digital. It is very user friendly in a room where the floors are unstable as in my case.The origin live is a wonderful tonearm especially considering the $$$$.
If you have further questions contact me offline. Gooooood Listening.
Can't offer direct help, but I do have my suspension-less TT (Planar 3) on a rack on suspended hardwood floor. Tried a variety of things, alone and in combination, under the TT and found that a Neuance shelf worked very well, sonically. I was surprised how well it seems to be dealing with low-frequency floor-borne vibration. So, you may not have to let built-in TT suspension be a big factor in your decision.
get a wall-mount stand for your turntable, if flooring is a problem. re: 'tables, i'd consider a used oracle. i updated my used oracle to mk-v specs, except for the motor-power/supply, which i replaced w/an origin-live motor-p/s. i also installed an o-l modified rega rb250 w/vta. the whole deal was <$2k, & isle even get a few bills back if i sell the perfect-condition grace 727 arm that came w/the 'table... ;~)

doug s.

Tough choices. Something for you to consider would be getting an Arcici stand ($1595) seen on audiogon as a part of the decision process. Just the absolute answer for your room situation, a rack and provides a great TT platform. I own a Basis 2500 and think it is great. The Analog Room (408.971.6198 San Jose CA) has a wonderful selection of TT and they have excatly these two. Talk to Brian and he will give the information you need to make your decision. I have no interests in the Analog Room - just thought they might help you out.
Thank you, one and all. Both the Arcici stand and the wall mounted stand are not going to work out, unfortunately. Dan.