Basis Model 2100 vs Michell Orbe SE II

I am considering the Purchase a Michell Orbe SE II Turntable, but have recently started looking into the Basis Model 2100 only for the reason that I may be able to purchase this model at a good price.

The Michell table is brand new sealed box while the basis is a dear demo used model. The basis included a rega arm while the Michell would require me to purchase the tonearm separately.

If I were to normalize the pricing for comparisons, the Michell would set me back about $1300.00 more then the used Basis. This takes into account the fact that the new Michell table is more expensive and would require the purchase of a tonearm.

Which is the better turntable; the Basis Model 2100 or the Michell Orbe SE II?

Which one do you think is the better deal ?

Tazuser: Call Garth at 510•420•0379. He's the Basis and Clearaudio distributor, and can tell you all you need to know about Basis. He is very knowledgeable.
Is there any reason hindering you from shopping around for a good price on the Michell Orbe? I had my eyes set on a Gyro SE + modified Rega arm last year, but came away with a Michell Orbe SE II + SME V + Benz M2 because I was able to get everything at 40% off the retail price, all brand new w/ warranty! You just need to be patient and shop around.
If you purchase everything all at once and buy such expensive gear new they will usually give you a discount. I can't afford to buy everything new and all at once.
Besides the margins on the SME V are so high that most of the discount is coming from the tonarm. I think the SME V new retails for almost as much as the table itself. Thats my take on this for what it's worth.

Regardless, you got a great deal and if I could do the same I would.